Sungkyunkwan Scandal: A Re-imagining

Darling, won't you come to bed? Micky Yoochun channels his inner gisaeng.

This is what would have happened if Sungkyunkwan Scandal had been directed by a fan girl high on crack. Warning: This is a massive exercise in stupidity. Please check your brain at the door and be sure not to hit your head on the way in!

First, take the prettiest girl you can find and dress her up as a guy. In this case, we have Kim Yoon-hee to do the honours:

Have her enroll in an all-male university and take several steps back as the campus’ resident studs—and the county’s top gisaeng—immediately zero in on her like so:

Yes, I think you get the idea...

Speaking of resident studs, drum roll please:

Choose your desired level of hotness and personal hygiene: (L-R) Pretty, Studly, Smokin' and Death Glare

And in case we have trouble remembering how hot these guys are, we are given another eyeful reminder:


Because Yoon-hee saved a country in her previous life, she gets to share a room with not just one but two of them.

If that’s not enough, Jae-shin decides to make her his personal bolster as well.

Seon-joon is upset that he slept like a log through all this. They have a face-off but he is no match for Jae-shin’s mighty man-abs.

Fight! Fight! Fight!

He becomes depressed and drinks himself silly.

While Seon-joon is giving his liver a beating, we cut to Brokeback Sungkyunkwan because what’s the point of attending a public school if you’re not going to have some hot guy-on-guy action?

Seon-joon is once again upset that he missed all the action. Fortunately, he has a loyal manservant to help him out…

Good help is so hard to find these days

In-soo is also upset that no one thought to invite him to the evening’s proceedings.

He fumes…

And stews…

Till he finally comes up with an idea. He decides to organize his own orgy.

With the help of a few friends and a secret back door, the party gets underway.

What happens next is too hot for primetime TV.

But looking at Seon-joon’s face, it was probably mind-blowing.

*The End*

Tune in next time when we find out how to deal with love pentagons the Sungkyunkwan way! God, I LOVE this show^^


  1. I love you. Gaaaddds this was way too funny!
    I love Sungkyunkwan Scandal too. Hoping
    for 50 or more episodes instead of 20.

    Hey, Micky you look so fine, you rock my
    socks!Hey Micky!

  2. *lol*

    Buahahaha……..i can’t stop laughing at this. You’ve GOT to release another ep of fangirl vs Director Kim-Hwang. i swear i will tune in for it!

  3. OMMMMMGGGGG…..waaaahhhh ssssooooo funny!!!!!!
    Its good to find someone more crazier than me….great job esp. that we are all waiting for MOnday…keep it up…great writer!!!!well written!!!!…thanks.:)

  4. hi,

    you are super hilarious….your imagination is wild and it led my mind to wilder territories as well….i like your comment on the Brokeback (LOL) and with the right pictures…it’s crazy…

    thanks for sharing….keep on sharing your wild thoughts….you are making my day

  5. That was really something. I’m laughing while typing. The scenes here really speaks for itself and with a few imagination in between, wow it really is hilarious. Can’t wait for the next one. This will do just fine for me, until the SKKS comes this Monday. . . . Thanks very much & good luck on your next directing job, lol.

  6. awesome!!!! lost for words…as I was really hyperventilating most of the time while holding an empty bucket under my drolling chin…you got my drift :)
    More more more more more more…..

  7. Aw hell…thanks guys! I had no idea that you would all like this so much.

    It was a complete spur of the moment thing back when Sungkyunkwan Scandal first started.

    I’ve often thought about doing another one so we’ll see.

    I was pretty much speechless when I saw all your comments. Thank you once again for all the kind words!

  8. LMAO. This is great! Thanks for making my morning. I needed a good laugh.

    I’d love to see more of it if you want and have the chance.


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