Ji Jin-hee & Yoo Ah-in Spazz: The Man Who Can’t Get Married (2009)

Behold the future: Park Hyun-kyu can't believe that in a year from now, he's going to be a demigod with rock-hard abs and an army of slavering fan girls.

OMG. I think I may have found something to dull the pain of saying goodbye to Sungkyunkwan Scandal next week (Quel sacrilege, je sais.) I’m not talking about all those YouTube videos of Junsu trying to conquer the English language or Yoochun doing…whatever. No, what I’m talking about is the Korean adaptation of Kekkon Dekinai Otoko. I know, I can’t believe it either. Look, I passed on this show three times earlier this year, okay? 

Right, let’s get this out of the way first: Apart from a couple of clips on YouTube, I haven’t seen the Japanese version in its entirety, so I’m in no position to compare Ji Jin-hee’s portrayal of his character with Abe Hiroshi’s. What I can say though is that I am enjoying his performance very much. Perhaps instead of comparing him to his Japanese counterpart, it would help to view Cho Jae-hee as Mr Bean’s more evolved (and intelligent) Korean cousin.

What every woman should do when she meets a man she fancies: check to see if he has a nice bum

Eli over at Adramaotaku.com has written an excellent (and hilarious) review of the show so please go read it if you’d like a more coherent and detailed explanation of things. I’m just going to babble about Jae-hee and Hyun-kyu.

Other reviewers will tell you that Jae-hee is a social retard, lonely borderline misanthrope et cetera. I, however, will tell you that he is a man after my own heart. So no one has the time to eat barbecued beef with him. Fine, he’ll eat alone, social niceties be damned. (Having Korean barbecue on one’s own is something that is just not done apparently.)

I can totally get behind this because I do the same thing myself. What, am I supposed to doom myself to a lifetime of fast food outlets and ramen bars just because no one has the time/money/inclination to eat out with me?

My slight beef with the title of this drama is that it paints him out to be a sad bachelor no woman wants to marry. Wrong. Jae-hee couldn’t care less about getting married. Why should he do so just because everyone else is doing it? To this, I say right on. If you find the right person, great—go for it and take the plunge. If not, what’s the big deal about spending your money on the things you like or enjoy doing?

Jae-hee finds true love in a window

But I am going off-topic and will stop before I get on my soap box. Suffice it to say that I would have been perfectly fine if he had decided to remain single for the rest of his life (not that I have anything against Uhm Jung-hwa’s kindly doctor.)

On a totally different note, part of the reason why I decided to give The Man Who Can’t Get Married a go was because Yoo Ah-in said that he’s a little like his penny-pinching, coupon-collecting character in real life. Thrifty ways aside, I’d like to think that this means our favourite breakout actor of the year is as loveable and sweet as Hyun-kyu.

Yu-jin, how can you say 'no' to a face like this?

In fact, I have a request for ye Drama Gods: for Yoo Ah-in’s next movie/drama, could you please cast him in a role that combines Moon Jae-shin’s manly charisma with Park Hyun-kyu’s adorkable sunny personality? Can you imagine the effect this will have? It will be like the second coming of Yon-sama though Yoo will probably have to invest in a weapons-grade security system for his front door.

In other news, just in case anyone was wondering, the Sungkyunkwan Scandal recaps will resume soon. Sorry for the delay, everyone!

If my guardian angel looked like this, I'd be saying my prayers 24/7


  1. 1) will probably have to invest in a weapons-grade security system for his front door. – so true! ROLF

    2)If it was guardian angel with the JS’s look, I would be saying prayers like 26/8! LOL

  2. Thank you so much for such a great write-up! I haven’t gotten the time to see this show but this will be my next project now that SKKS ends.

    “Thrifty ways aside, I’d like to think that this means our favourite breakout actor of the year is as loveable and sweet as Hyun-kyu.”
    Me too. Ah In’s roles have always been uneffected youths, so I’d love see him happy and cheerful once.

    It’s rumored that Yoo Ah In would star in a historical drama called “Comrade” or “Sidekick” Let’s all pray what you prayed!

    1. Hello tinysunbl! Thanks for the kind words! I haven’t finished watching The Man Who Can’t Get Married, but from what I’ve seen, YAI’s character is very sweet, if a little geeky. Hyun-kyu is as far away as you can get from Jae-shin.

      Ooh, I haven’t heard any rumours about YAI’s next project. Thanks for the tip-off! I think he’s a very versatile actor and I’d like to see him stretch his acting chops and do something different (not to mention, get the girl for once), instead of getting typecast as Sir Brood-A-Lot :P

  3. This drama is really good. The struggles of leaving and aging alone when in reality some married people (like me) would wish to have a day or two coming back to single blessedness. This drama never failed to get me laughing all the time every time i watch/rewatch while waiting for SKKS soft sub. Truly, the only one who can heal my aching heart for jaeshin is hyun kyu alone greatly played by YAI our haven in this dramaland.

    1. I agree! I’m enjoying the drama very much and every time I see Hyun Kyu, I find it very hard to reconcile him with Jae-shin because they are so different in temperament.

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