Crack of the Week: Running Man Ep. 26, but first…

I wasn’t too excited when I read about the new Kim Joon drama Serious Crime Squad on Dramabeans. Don’t know most of the actors and I’m not really a fan of cop procedurals. So I was going to give it a miss until I saw this:

[Image via nate]

OMG, Song Ji-hyo is going to be in it? She’s been absent from the drama scene for the past four years, working mainly on entertainment programmes and most recently Running Man.

I’ve not watched Goong or Jumong but I like Ji-hyo just because she’s such an awesome trooper on RM. It’s not obvious when you first see her because she’s so unassuming and quiet but lemme tell you the girl is fierce! She can rough-house with the best of ’em and despite being teased for looking so clueless, she routinely pwns all the guys. Behold Exhibits A, B and C:

Family Outing Episode 58. Ji-hyo’s first variety show appearance. MC Yoo sums it up best:

But you know what they say, it’s always the quiet ones that you have to look out for…

The invincible Lee Hyo-ri meets her match

And to prove that Round 1 wasn't a fluke, Ji-hyo gives an encore performance

Running Man Episode 2

Joong-ki doesn't stand a chance against his noona...

Running Man Episode 20

Haha's no match for Ji-hyo either...

According to this report, Ji-hyo will be playing a cub reporter whose personality is described as “warm and bright”. I’m guessing she’s the type who wears her heart on her sleeve and fights against social injustice. To be honest, I’m still not feeling the drama but I’m going to watch it hoping that it proves me wrong. *fingers crossed*


Back to Running Man. I thought the episode with Park Bo-young was awesome but ep. 26 had all the makings of a classic. Love that they’re constantly tweaking the format of the games to keep the show fresh. (ETA: to be honest with you, I thought the mission-and-chasing game was starting to get predictable — seriously, you could see that some of the players weren’t even bothering to look for the trinkets anymore. Not only is the new format more challenging for the regular members, I think it’s also more fun for the guests because the onus is on them to outwit the RM team.)

I don’t always enjoy the singing games but I thought this episode’s was hilarious, as you’ll see for yourself below. Without further ado, have some caps. Spoilers abound, as usual.

So this week, everyone has to choose their own team mates. As you can see, Sparta Kooks is very popular.

Suk-jin, on the other hand, could do with some lovin’.

Over in another corner, we see Ji-hyo in a situation most girls can only dream of…

Some girls have all the luck

Yes, she is living the life.

The guests for today are Jung Jin-young and Lee Moon-sik. They’re the main stars of Pyongyang Castle. You might remember them from Episode 19:

Here they are in civilian clothing:

Jung Jin-young is the one in blue. I’ve never watched him in anything but Wikipedia tells me he is best known for his role as the psycho ruler in The King and the Clown. He was also in Dong Yi and Kingdom of the Winds. All I know is that after watching him in this episode, I really want to go and see Pyongyang Castle. I swear Running Man gives me the weirdest ahjusshi crushes .

Singing competition! This week’s theme is world music and our running men and woman have to figure out the lyrics to the songs using hangeul.

I want Haha’s beanie!

First up: Lambada

If Jung Jin-young ever wants a career change, he can start his own Latin covers band. This is him channeling his inner Luis Miguel. He is hilarious, I tell you.

As you can see, Joong-ki & Co. agree with me.

Wanna guess who won this round?

Warning: Staring at this picture for a prolonged period can lead to a decrease in productivity and a loss of brain cells

The next song is Leslie Cheung’s “Running Towards the Days of Our Future” (or 走向未來的日子 in Chinese), the theme song of A Better Tomorrow II. We also learn that MC Yoo is a huge fan of the movie.

A Better Tomorrow II with Chow Yun Fatt as Ken "Gor" (brother of Mark) and Ti Lung as Sung Tse Ho

Sparta Kooks's expression totally reads: "You are such a dweeb." XD

MC Yoo's encyclopedic knowledge of A Better Tomorrow has everyone going "..."

Next song: Macarena. Here’s Suk-jin, Haha and MC Yoo happily mangling the lyrics of the song. The only words these three know are “Eh…Macarena” XD

Kwang-su has given up pretending to sing and is just swiveling his hips around to give the rest of his team mates moral support.

As much as I adore SJK, I’m going to have to be honest here: the boy can’t sing or dance to save his life, but I love that he doesn’t let it stop him from trying.  (ETA: After watching this week’s episode with TVXQ, I take back everything I said about his singing and dancing abilities. They are waaaaay better than his drawing skills. But don’t worry, baby! You’re in good company. Yunho can’t draw to save his life either XD)

Have I mentioned how much I love this show? It makes me so, so happy ~ ♥


  1. thanks to you, i am addicted to RM!!!!

    and damn. song ji-hyo is AWESOME! =D

    this show makes me laugh out so loudly that i traumatised my family members.

    yunho’s rhino makes me laugh.

    1. OMG, I didn’t realise I had this much influence…haha :P But am v. happy to know that you’re on board the RM train. The show needs more love!

      Yes, Ji-hyo is waaaaay cool. I am picking up Crime Squad solely because of how awesome she is on RM. Btw, have you watched the episode with Kim Byung Man yet? *swoon* their chemistry is off the charts.

      Yunho’s rhino is…er…unique, no?

  2. Me too am a big fan of running man!
    All of the members are awesome and making the show awesome as well!
    Running man

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