I Can’t Believe I Bought This DVD: Heart is…2 (2010)

Image via Han Cinema

I really shouldn’t be allowed near a video shop for the next six months. I knew I had an unhealthy fixation with a certain baby-faced actor but I didn’t think I’d actually end up buying, of all things, Heart is…2. I don’t know how it happened. One minute I was browsing DVDs, the next thing I knew I was handing over money and walking out of the shop with said movie.

I have nothing left to say about myself.

A couple of things to note:

  • If you’re watching Heart is…2 for Song Joong-ki, just know that he isn’t the main star – he appears in 30% of the movie at best. There’s a reason why Dal-i (the dog that plays Maumi) was the highest-paid performer after all.
  • Don’t be fooled by the poster. This entire movie is about a dog outsmarting two bumbling idiots. To be sure, Dal-i more than earns her paycheck and some of the scenes are quite sweet but Heart is…2 is hardly riveting stuff. I’m not saying this just because SJK plays the part of the scenery here. The plot is really the stuff that cotton candy is made of.
  • This movie is strictly for children under seven and rabid animal lovers.
  • I want my money back. If you absolutely have to watch this movie, take it from me – watch it online.

Cuts from the movie:

SJK plays Choi Dong-wook, a high-school student who’s been expelled from school three times. The reason? Because he keeps getting into fights. This is Dong-wook giving his best badass impression:

All I want to know is who did his makeup in this movie? Why does he look so orange?

Here he is with his friend, Zao Ming, the son of his late father’s friend. Zao Ming serves no real purpose in this movie, other than to perpetuate SJK’s long line of onscreen bromances.

But the real love of Dong-wook’s life is Maumi, a present from his father. She’s the reason he’s been doing so badly in school – he’s been neglecting his studies to play with her.

Maumi soon gives birth to puppies:

Dude, no wonder you never get the girl in any of your dramas. Do you see who you’re spending all your time with?

You know the universe is trying to tell you something when chicks ignore your existence and pay more attention to your dog.

ETA: What is worth watching more than once is episode 155 of Happy Together, which he appeared on as a guest along with his two co-stars Kim Jung-tae and Sung Dong-il. If you want to watch SJK squirm like an embarrassed schoolboy, go here.


  1. I watched Heart is…1 aka Hearty Paws and it was awful. Totally manipulative (not that this crybaby didn’t succumb a few times…). I want my money back, too!

  2. I watched 101 Dalmatians and liked it, so I think I can survive watching this too LOL (but i will do it on-line :P)

  3. even when he`s 25, at that time, he still played as a high schooler
    u know how baby-face he is?
    very cute :*

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