Month: February 2011

Actresses I ♥: Rie Miyazawa

Young trendy idols aren’t my thing and I’m not a fan of the coquettish virginal image that so many emerging actresses in the Asian drama industry feel compelled to adopt/affect. Oh I know it’s mostly due to market forces and socio-cultural expectations. Looking “cute and innocent” is still prized above the actual ability to act by most media executives and sad to say, viewers as well.

It’s ironic then that kicking off this series category is an actress who began her career in the late 80s as one of Japan’s original bishoujos. Thrust into the limelight when she was 11, Rie Miyazawa is proof that it is possible to take charge of the car wreck that your life has become and re-invent yourself as a respected actress.  (more…)

Dear Crime Squad, please don’t suck…

KBS released a teaser yesterday (or the day before). If you haven’t seen it, here it is in all its intense, shouty, car-chasing glory:


Here’s another one:


I continue not to entertain any expectations though I would like to say this to the director: there is nothing wrong with the show being an all-out action drama. Sure, it may not be terribly cerebral but there are worse sins you could be guilty of, like being terminally boring (please refer to Athena). Also, it is perfectly all right if characters don’t end up with each other. Not everything has to be about love, especially if it is going to impair a character’s judgement and 1) cause him/her to make very questionable decisions and 2) send the drama careening into wtf-ville (again, please refer to Athena).