Month: March 2011

Running Man Ratings Decline: Some Thoughts

Credit: Papitus & SBS

Lately, the Running Man forum on Soompi has been in a tizzy with many attributing the show’s ratings slump to its new format and I thought I’d give you my two cents here. While I agree that the show has lost some of its spark of late, I don’t think that the new format is entirely to blame. For a start, Running Man has never been a huge ratings hit – a cult favourite, maybe, but I don’t think it’s ever going to go beyond that. (more…)

What Do You Live For?

Imagine this: you’re in your eighties and your body is on the verge of giving up on you. One of your buddies is already dead and it’s only a matter of time before you join him. So whatcha gonna do?

Well, if you’re a badass, you’ll round up your remaining friends and go on one final joyride.

If the clip below doesn’t bring a lump to your throat, you really ought to check whether your heart has been replaced with a lump of coal.


Crime Squad Preview + Running Man Ep. 32

love, lurve, luuurrvvveee Park Sun-young’s red trenchcoat

I wanted to publish this earlier but WordPress was having issues and I was up to my nose in work. Anyway, out of all the K-dramas being released this month, the ones I’m interested in most are Crime Squad and 49 Days. Between them, my preference veers towards the former because a) I like the behind the scenes vibe that I’m getting from the cast and b) I like what the women are wearing. (Call me shallow, whatever.)  (more…)