Crime Squad Preview + Running Man Ep. 32

love, lurve, luuurrvvveee Park Sun-young’s red trenchcoat

I wanted to publish this earlier but WordPress was having issues and I was up to my nose in work. Anyway, out of all the K-dramas being released this month, the ones I’m interested in most are Crime Squad and 49 Days. Between them, my preference veers towards the former because a) I like the behind the scenes vibe that I’m getting from the cast and b) I like what the women are wearing. (Call me shallow, whatever.) 

The drama held its official press conference not too long ago and I gotta say that this is one good looking cast. Okay, Sung Ji-roo may not be as pretty as his team mates but he’s a real sweetie on the show. See, I’m not that superficial! XD

First there was F4 and then there was J4. Now meet K4

And OMG, what happened to you, Kim Joon? To be honest, I never thought you were hot in BOF. Underutilised, yes. Smexy, no. But looking at these conference photos, I stand corrected. Boy, you are looking mighty fine! Okay, I better stop here before I lose all my self-respect …


I love these two pictures of Song Ji-hyo and Park Sun-young together. They look like they’re in cahoots or something. I love too the vivid colour of SJH’s outfit though I’m not too crazy about the sandals. I would totally buy PSY’s shoes though.

So far, I’ve watched only the first episode and I like the overall tone enough to continue with it. Yes, there are the usual clichés – call me jaded but I’m not really invested in Detective Park’s back story. I just feel like I’ve seen it a million times before – but I like how the actors are approaching their characters and interacting with one another. More importantly, I don’t hate them like I did the characters in Sign. Let’s just say that after watching the first four episodes of that drama, I just wanted all the characters to jump off a cliff. And this was despite the fact that I actually wanted to like Sign the most out of all the January dramas.

So yes, let’s see how Crime Squad unfolds.


As I’ve said before, I really like how Running Man is evolving. Episode 32 is one of my all-time faves by far and it’s a classic example of how good the show can get when you have solid chemistry among the cast members and guests, as well as a couple of inspired moments. Seriously, this episode had it all.

Monday Couple moments? Check.

Song-Song couple/siblings moment? Check. Btw, I love how Song Ji-hyo is playing with viewers’ heads with this whole Monday/Song-Song couple thing. She rocks.

Same-aged friends rivalry? Check.

I would watch these two in a drama together

Big bro-little bro hilarity? Check. I love Haha btw. He’s hilarious. Here he is all jealous because KJK picked Kwang-soo over him.

But we all know he can’t stay mad at KJK for long!

But the best part of this episode (for me anyway) was the office basketball game. Forget all those corporate paintball sessions. This is what I call team bonding!

I’m sure many of SJK’s fangirls would kill to be in Haha’s position…

As well as Gary’s…actually, I’m sure a lot of them wouldn’t mind if the roles were reversed.

But the highlight of the game was when Ji-hyo decided it was time to break the rules…oh, and seeing KJK all outraged.

Let’s face it, if any of the other guys had pulled KJK’s hair, they’d be a lot shorter now

And here’s the infamous chest grope…

MVP: Song Ji-hyo

In case you haven’t heard, Kwang-soo is up for the role of a clinical computer genius in City Hunter.  I can’t wait to see how that turns out since this is the image I have of him seared permanently into my brain…

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