The Bromance that Could Have Been: Who Are You?

It’s too bad that Seung-hyo and Deok (the late Lee Un) share so little screen time because these two have all the makings of a bickering bromance. 

How to make friends the Cha Seung-hyo way…

Background: This scene is from episode 13. Seung-hyo arrives at Young-in’s home drunk off his ass and finds her roommate instead. He demands to know where she is and gets all cross when Deok tells him he doesn’t know, which leads to this:

Ha! Like Deok gives a rat’s ass.

Seung-hyo: Does. Not. Compute.

Deok: 1   Seung-hyo: 0

Macho posturing over, it’s time to bond over fried chicken and alcohol!

Seung-hyo asks Deok to relay a message to Young-in.

Oh Seung-hyo, you misanthropic oddball, you. Naturally, Deok is all “Wtf are you babbling about?”

Because which guy in his right mind would pick two turtles over Go Ara?

As you can see, Seung-hyo is clearly crazy about those turtles.

Episode 16:

Deok has the best lines ever. Here he is calling Seung-hyo to find out about Young-in, who’s gone AWOL on her friends ever since her relationship with him took off. He addresses Seung-hyo as “hyungnim” but the latter has completely forgotten their earlier male-bonding session. In his typically brusque manner he tells him to quit being so chummy. Naturally, Deok tells him to shut it.

Seung-hyo: >:(  Heh. (On a side note: OMG, Yoon Kye-sang. Why so adorable?)

Thinking Seung-hyo is a lecherous ahjusshi with a Lolita complex, Deok proceeds to give him a lecture, much to his bewilderment. Haha.

Oh Deok, if you only knew. Seung-hyo’s needs revolve around disinfectant and anti-bacterial wipes. It’s really Young-in that you need to be worried about.


  1. Oh, how I love this drama! Thanks for this funny post. Makes me want to watch the whole series again, for the third time. (RIP Lee Un)

    1. I’m glad you liked it, birdscout! I really enjoyed the interaction between Yoon Kye-sang’s and Lee Un’s characters and I do wish they had appeared in more scenes together.

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