I can’t believe I’m saying this…

[Images via darkeyedwolf. I recommend checking out her screen caps of the drama. They’re hilarious.]

But I really want to watch Hana Kimi 2011 now. I know. I have nothing left to say about myself either.

One comment

  1. hey there tomadachi! osashiburi desu! yey i’m watching hana kimi 2011 for the lulz and loving it. totally different cast and interpretation but i’m here for the hilarious episodes that drive the blues away! yup i first watched the taiwanese version with ella, wu zhun and omg jiro wang cracked me up as nakatsu! what a looney tune boy in lust with the cross dressing gurl. hana kimi 2009 was truly ikemen paradise i mean you’ve got hotties shun oguri, toma ikuta and hiro mizushima and omg that really funny over the top oscar and cute maki horitkita. but i have to admit though i may be pellted with sun dried tomatoes, aa chan of akb 48 is a more believable ashiya, gurl in boy’s clothing.

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