[Door slams] That’s the sound of my brain walking out on me…

Show, if this is your way of boosting ratings, I APPROVE!

Yes Shohei, that’s right. Take it off, take it all off…you too, Aoi. Don’t be shy!

Come on, Renn! Make love to the camera XD


Sato Yuki, you are one fine looking man.

Oh baby

*gurgles incoherent noises, grabs paper bag*

Video: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjkxNDI5Mzky.html

You can also watch it here if the link doesn’t work for you. *resumes breathing into bag*


    1. I entertain no illusions about Hana Kimi. It isn’t going to cure cancer or anything but damn if it doesn’t make me happy. Go ahead, call me superficial — I am very honest about my lack of virtues.

      *sigh* I know. I just want to force feed all of them lard or something (except for Tokuyama, I think he’s fine as is.) But my god, Renn needs to come with a warning. At first you’re like, “Who’s this stick insect?” and then before you know it, you’ve got a hard drive full of pictures and…not that I would know, of course.

  1. I disagree. If I had cancer right now, I think it would have just been cured.


    Thank you. Thank you so much. <33

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