1. OMG waiting for subbed ep 5 O_O! Love this dorama, its hilarious, a total crack! watched the anime years ago but didn’t finish the series cause veoh was a pain in the butt! Daito is hotter than summer! OK yaoi fangurl mode activated! Haruna at 16 is a newbie but she is holding her on with the veteran pretty boys! Its a pervy summer watching Ouran, Hana Kimi 2011 and Ikemen desu. OMG bring it on!!!!

    1. Daito is hotter than summer!

      Summer nothing. Have you seen his An An pictures? http://losmaspapisdeasia.blogspot.com/2011/04/daito-shunsuke-para-an-magazine-no1749.html

      I didn’t think I’d actually love Haruna as Haruhi this much but I do! I had heard of Ouran prior to this drama but had never really bothered with it because I thought it was another ditzy girl meets reverse harem manga. I have never been more glad to be wrong. I am currently inhaling the manga like nobody’s business (seriously who needs Prozac when you can have Ouran?)

      On another note, have you seen Oscar and Hibari in Hana Kimi 2011 ep 7 yet? I am so in love with this drama I am currently watching it raw and with Mandarin subs, whichever finishes streaming first!

      1. OMG *dead* over Daito Shunsuke’s An An pixies in that spanish site losmaspapasideasia (Madre mia, es loca!).Seriously Ellély, do you have
        a life? How do you find all these gems on the net?? Jelly over your inhaling the
        manga, I have to wait for trans and subs in eng for everything but the anime
        was a total win. Yeah, who needs drugs when there is Ouran, Ikemen desu ne
        and Hana Kimi 2011.

        Just finished ep. 6 of Hana Kimi 2011 and its official I love this version more than the 2007 one. *Dodges rotten tomatoes hurled by rabid fangurls* Oscar 2011 met Oscar 2007 who was channeling a fortune teller. I like how Sano & Ashiya’s pairing is developing in this dorama. I did catch the preview of the return of Hibari and can’t wait for ep. 7! Bring it on , bring it on!


      2. Seriously Ellély, do you have a life? How do you find all these gems on the net?

        Er…research? XD

        OMG, you need to watch ep. 7, esp. the last scene. Sano and Ashiya are so OTP I can’t even…but Nakatsu. Poor, poor, poor, poor, poor Nakatsu is all I’m saying.

  2. I watched Ep 5 of Ouran and now I’m totally obsessed! Kyaaa there’s gonna be a movie soon!

    Still waiting for Ep 7 of Hana Kimi 2011. Sobs for poor Nakatsu. Can’t wait for the fireworks! Hate spoilers but I’m gonna sneak a peek at what you thought of ep 7!

    1. I know! I read about the movie…so excited :D

      I’m hoping they have a scene where the host club members try to wake up Kyouya (or Hunny) in the morning. It’s going to be so hilarious watching those two turn on their death glares at their friends. Ha ha.

    1. Do you mean Kyouya or Daito?

      I can’t lie. It was Daito who led me to Ouran after I finished Tumbling. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have watched the drama or read the manga, and I wouldn’t be in the sad state that I’m in right now because as hot as Daito is, it’s really manga Kyouya who breaks my heart. This is terrible. I am too old for this. Damn you, Daito for sucking me into the Ouran universe.

      1. Both. I’ve seen Daito in more things than I care to count, but something about him has always bugged me somewhat.
        I started liking him a while ago, but never found him all that attractive.

        … until I saw Ouran. Haha

        Btw really? In Tumbling? Not that I didn’t love the heck out of that show, but he didn’t really, you know … do much. Hahaha

      2. Well, I prefer to look at it this way: if he had had a much larger role in Tumbling, it would have turned into a BL drama, what with Mizusawa and Tsuchiya both falling for him. If he had had more screen time, Wataru et al would probably have followed suit as well…that would have been hilarious XD

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