When Oscar Met Hibari: Hana Kimi 2011 Ep. 7

Remember when I said I couldn’t wait to see the showdown between Hibari and Oscar?

In episode 7, my wish came true and it was everything I wanted it to be. Show, is it possible for me to love you more than I do now?

This is what happens in the manga:

 [Via mangareader.net]

And this is what happens in episode 7 (spoilers from the word ‘go’) 

It all begins with the return of a most distinguished young lady from Paris.

I love, love, LOVE Hibari in this remake. They got her hair and the uniform right, and I love how Mayuko Iwasa is nailing the essence of manga Hibari right down to her hand gestures. Well done. A+++ ♥

Meanwhile, over in Ohsaka Gakuen…

Oscar: *sneezes* What is this evil wind that I’m feeling? Lololol. Get this. Oscar has a built-in Hibari sensor. Hahahahaha.

March of the Blossomtroopers

Oscar: It’s here. It’s getting closer.

Oscar’s reaction = priceless

Hibari: Which of you is the dorm leader in charge around here?

Nanba: That would be me —

Oscar: So it’s you, Hanayashiki Hibari.

Nanba and everyone else:

And so continues the world’s longest-running mating dance as Hibari and Oscar pick up from where they left off following their last encounter.

OTP or OTP? Let us count the ways:

1. When they’re together, sparks fly. Literally. I wouldn’t get involved, Nanba. You’ll only hurt yourself.

2. The LOOKS she gives him as he goes on and on about their epic history together…

And speaking about epic history, helloooo, canon flashback: Chibi-Hibari. Forever poised. Forever perfect. Forever pwning Oscar XD

3. They know exactly which button to press to set the other party off. Granted, with Oscar there’s only one button to press.

“Don’t call me Masao.” Lolol. So, so predictable. Men. XD

Hibari: (Talking about the St Blossom-Ohsaka Gakuen dance that’s held every three years. She’s here to find out if it’s still going ahead since the school is closing soon.)

Oscar: We don’t need you to worry about this. *waves her aside*

Hibari: What did you say?

But in the end, Oscar will always let her have her way. “It’s best not to mess with this woman.” LOL.

4. Oscar and Hibari have perfected the art of making out without actually making out.

And then we have the dance…can I have a spin-off drama with the both of them, please?

Background: Oscar’s trying to diffuse the tension in the air caused by Juri’s malicious little scheme. “Too bad no one is good enough to be my dance partner.”

Hibari: Was that your invitation to me to dance?

These two, I tell you.

I can’t tell you how happy I am right now. Brb. I need to watch this again.


  1. “making out without making out.” perfect description of their mating dance. omg i need subs for ep 7 now! i’m a total fail, i succumbed and the sneak peek turned into a full blown read of the spoilers and the screencaps. *goes off to search for subbed streaming of ep 7*

  2. Hahahaha I fangirl-peed all over myself when I saw this, too.
    I was blushing and giggling like a little kid whose crush just gave her that note that says “Will you go out with me? Yes / No (tick one)”

    1. I think in Oscar’s case, it’s really a case of Y/Y…have you watched the last episode yet? The Dorm 3 boys are like, ‘Just get a room already’ (I’m paraphrasing, of course)…:D

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