Ouran HSHC: Wrongshipping like nobody’s business

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And then this: 

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And then I find this in the manga:

All I can say is thank god for fanfiction.

So the cast just finished filming their last episode today. I’m going to be really sad when this and Hana Kimi 2011 complete their run. T.T


  1. Love your ninja skills dear. is that a doushin of the ouran manga? i love fan made mangas! I’m with you there … will be sad when hana kimi 2011, ouran and ikemen desu end. add zenkai girl to the list. this summer was so much brighter with all these
    doramas.They’re so much lulz. i’m so glad i can go to your blog and flail with you over these dramas. everyone else (including me )is into kdramas. sad that gems like the taiga Ryomanden aren’t subbed or just subbed half way.

    1. No, actually. It’s something that Hatori-sensei drew. It was included in one of the volumes…can’t remember which!

      Ah…Zenkai Girl. I tried that. Watched two episodes, loved the kids but didn’t love the two lead characters enough to continue with it. Again, I’m wired weirdly so Ryo doesn’t do anything for me and I don’t really like male leads who let the woman they like walk all over them. Same with female characters who let their love interests treat them like a doormat. Never watched a taiga before but am keeping an eye out for Daito’s Taira no Kiyomori.

      I am on a K-drama hiatus. I’ve downloaded Protect the Boss but I think I’ll wait till after Hana Kimi and Ouran are over to watch it. I have a feeling I’ll need something to make me forget the big gaping hole in my heart…

      1. I’m not watching Zenkai girl for the Johnnys though I have to admit Ryo is one fine actor. Gakki is doing a marvelous job channeling the ambitious lawyer . Its the kids, they are adorable and more mature than the adults that got me hooked. And the story arc, nothing melodramatic, but mostly touching, just your everyday life, flashing before the viewers eyes in 45 minutes.

        I wish I could go on a kdrama hiatus but I can’t. Protect the Boss is hilarious and you may not believe it but I’m watching it for Ji Sung, this hot, sexy, dramatic actor is actually very very funny as the weird eccentric chaebol heir. Oh and of course for Jaejoong of JYJ.
        I still lament how japanese taigas don’t get subbed continuously that is why I am hesitant to start another one and get left at ep 35 wondering will the rest ever get translated. I’m hooked on two sageuks though, Warrior Baek Dong Su, about swordfighting young friends and The Princess Man, a Joseon era Romeo & Juliet.

      2. I just have to ask: what the heck happened in ep 9 of Zenkai Girl? There’s a major RAGE storm brewing on Tumblr with a lot of people wanting to slap Sota till the cows come home. I might have to tune in after all.

        Protect the Boss is definitely going to be watched though it feels like I’ve already watched it seeing as how I’ve been spoiled by the gifs of the drama.

        Er…I think as long as they sub Taira no Kiyomori up till the point where Daito’s character dies, I’ll be a happy camper.

        I hear a lot of people are losing their heads in The Princess Man…

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