Month: September 2011

Way Past Obsessed…

You know you’re way past obsessed when you’re in Wellington for the Rugby World Cup and all you want to know, when people ask if you have any sightseeing plans, is whether the local Borders carries copies of the Ouran manga.

This is terrible. What is my life. *hangs head in shame*

~ Ellély, who is currently experiencing massive Kyouya withdrawal symptoms. Regular transmission on this blog will resume when she returns. In the meantime, allez les bleus!

Crack of the Day: Ouran Fan Vid

So much for canon. I need to start learning how to make videos.

Also, I wonder if Chiba-san made good on his promise to charge people for touching him. I don’t know what kind of a father-daughter team these two are supposed to be but I guess it would go a long way towards explaining Tamaki’s fantasies…XD

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Thoughts: The Merit Scene in Ouran

When I first watched this scene in episode 5 (of the live-action drama), I’ll admit I was watching it largely for the fan service.

However a few comments got me thinking about it in further detail. As it turns out, there were more than a few outraged viewers who felt Kyouya deserved a slap (and that’s putting it mildly.) And then there were others who thought Tamaki was being sexist when he got angry with Haruhi for not calling for help during the beach scene, which made me wonder if I had missed something or worse, left my brain at the door too long. I’d like to think that my sense of right and wrong hasn’t atrophied, and that I’m not so blinded by the pretty that I’m unable to recognize when someone’s being a complete ass.

So let’s revisit this scene again, shall we? By the way, unless otherwise stated, I will be using the manga as a reference point because a) I am a purist and b) it is the source material after all. (more…)

The Not-So-Great Ouran Poll

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I need someone to stage an intervention. Not only am I watching the drama, I am also reading the manga and tearing through the anime like toilet paper. At the rate things are going, if you look up the word “extinct” in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of my life next to it.

I have so many feelings for so many characters that it’s not even funny. Spazz with me. Take the poll. (Mild spoilers for eps 1-7)  (more…)