The Not-So-Great Ouran Poll

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I need someone to stage an intervention. Not only am I watching the drama, I am also reading the manga and tearing through the anime like toilet paper. At the rate things are going, if you look up the word “extinct” in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of my life next to it.

I have so many feelings for so many characters that it’s not even funny. Spazz with me. Take the poll. (Mild spoilers for eps 1-7) 

*flails* I am so conflicted. On the one hand, I love manga Tamaki — I love that he’s a big flaming idiot who comes up with the most ridiculous harebrained schemes known to man. (The fact that he still manages to place second behind Kyoya makes you wonder how dumb the rest of the students in Ouran really are.) I spend most of my time facepalming when I’m reading the manga but damn if he doesn’t make me laugh. But what I really like about him is that he doesn’t allow his family circumstances to turn him into a brooding emo-wreck. The boy gets 100 refreshing points from me for this alone. (Look, I outgrew my Squall Leonheart phase a long time ago. I’d rather go out with a guy who can make me laugh rather than someone who treats sulking as an Olympic sport.)

So yes, I don’t have any qualms getting behind the TamaxHaru pairing. Haruhi’s already bossing him around like they’ve been married for decades anyway:


…and barring his eccentricities, I think Tamaki would be really good for Haruhi. He’s someone for whom the glass is always half full, and where she’s pragmatic and blasé about things, he sees the potential in every situation. Plus, they understand each other on an emotional level. And how can you not ship them when even Hatori-sensei is behind this ship?

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There’s a very simple answer for this: Ootori Kyoya.

The brainless fangirl reason for this is obvious enough even for someone with 20/200 vision.

It would be even better if this happened in the drama.

The more rational reason is that he and Haruhi are intellectual equals. They’re both ruled by reason rather than impulse and even though you’ll never hear him say it out loud, he respects her, which is no small feat given that he considers practically everyone else in the club an idiot, and she in turn respects him. He takes it upon himself to show her the error of her naivety and she sees right through him almost immediately.

Things would never be boring between these two; he’d keep her on her toes with his intellect while she’d introduce to him new perspectives that he has never considered before. Plus, should he ever decide to pursue her for real, he already has Ranka’s approval.

So, I guess OT3? XD

In a nutshell, you could say it boils down to this:

vs this:


vs this:

And if you still can’t make up your mind, how about this:

This scene will never get old.

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vs this:

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Yeah…still wrongshipping.

No question about it: I would feed Hunny his weight in cake. As much as I love Kyouya, I think I’d much rather watch him scheme from afar unless you’re talking about re-enacting that scene from episode 5 in the drama (with a few minor changes here and there of course.)

I can haz usa-chan? Click on the bunny.

*hides face* Someone please save me from myself.

Poor Yusuke...XD

I don’t think I can really choose…I have a soft spot for the twincest scenes because they were the ones that cracked me up when I first started watching Ouran. But in general, I like the scenes where the host club members are wreaking havoc on Haruhi’s life (or tormenting Tamaki.) Episode 7 had a number of cute moments, like Kyoya stocking up on commoner coffee at the supermarket and Kaoru and Hikaru cockblocking Tamaki, not to mention Ranka sending Tamaki flying into the wall…

Definitely Bossa Nova-kun. And I want the Host Club members to cosplay as the Shinsengumi :D


  1. OMG you’ve got it bad girl, the Ouran High School Host Club fever, its contagious and as far as I know, no cure in sight. Will be back when you’ve finish the manga, anime and drama.Helllooo! What about your job???? Yeah I took the poll and as much as I love Tamaki daddy cause he makes me laugh, I can’t resist the pull of strong silent intellectual Kyouya. I’d trade places in bed with Haruhi just to feel
    Kyouya’s hard sexy body plastered to mine!

    1. Ha ha ha. I think this drama has caused a lot of people to jump ship.

      Er, yes…I guess with regards to my work you could say thank god I know how to multitask? It’s really a case of “spazz over Ouran first and then oh shit….deadline approaching. I am so dead. Need to re-prioritize.” It keeps life interesting.

  2. MorixHaru fan here! *sigh* I know it’s a lost cause. Honey will outgrow his sweet tooth before that ship ever sails but a girl can dream right?

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