Day: September 11, 2011

Thoughts: The Merit Scene in Ouran

When I first watched this scene in episode 5 (of the live-action drama), I’ll admit I was watching it largely for the fan service.

However a few comments got me thinking about it in further detail. As it turns out, there were more than a few outraged viewers who felt Kyouya deserved a slap (and that’s putting it mildly.) And then there were others who thought Tamaki was being sexist when he got angry with Haruhi for not calling for help during the beach scene, which made me wonder if I had missed something or worse, left my brain at the door too long. I’d like to think that my sense of right and wrong hasn’t atrophied, and that I’m not so blinded by the pretty that I’m unable to recognize when someone’s being a complete ass.

So let’s revisit this scene again, shall we? By the way, unless otherwise stated, I will be using the manga as a reference point because a) I am a purist and b) it is the source material after all. (more…)