Month: October 2011

Let’s Play the “Who Wants to Watch Daito Shunsuke Squirm” Game

You know an actor’s stock is on the rise when fans start unearthing all kinds of pictures and videos that 98% of the fandom didn’t even know existed. Currently making the rounds on Tumblr is an episode of Oshareism that Daito Shunsuke appeared on as a guest back in 2009.

Half the fun of watching a Japanese or Korean variety show lies in seeing the host or PD embarrass the hell out of his or her celebrity guest. Yes, schadenfreude is best served with a huge side of pretty :D

In this episode, Daito-kun learns that you should keep your friends close and your childhood buddies even closer because you never know when they might be asked to dish the dirt on you XDDDD  (more…)

Stars in My Eyes: Nodame Cantabile Eps 5-11


This drama just pulled a 49 Days on me. I wasn’t feeling it at first but these seven episodes changed my mind, so much so that I ended up marathoning the SPs and movies. Also, I am now officially an Ueno Juri fan. Chiaki may be the one everybody wants to jump but it’s Nodame who’s the heart and soul of this drama.  (more…)

Some Girls Have All the Luck: Nodame Cantabile Eps 1-4

I watched Nodame Cantabile for the first time a few days ago. There is a reason it took me such a long time to do so and that’s because for many years, I avoided it thinking it was a drama about space exploration and robots.

I don’t really know how I got that idea either but there you go.

Those of you who have never watched this drama can read its synopsis here. When all is said and done though, Nodame Cantabile is really a drama about a girl who wins the GRAND prize in the Lottery of Life when she returns home to find this outside her door:  (more…)