Pretty People in Unenviable Situations: Running Man Ep. 66

Ah, I haven’t laughed this much in a while.

So I haven’t exactly been keeping up with Running Man but ep 66 reminded me why I loved it so much back when I was watching it religiously. I’m not going to recap the whole thing because that’s been done over at Dramabeans but for the benefit of those who have never watched the show, here are a few caps from the opening. If you like what you see, be sure to visit iSUBS for the complete episode.

In the grand tradition of variety shows that like to make their stars suffer, there’s really no better time to play a game than at an ungodly hour in the morning when said celebrities have yet to make their daily pilgrimage to their stylist’s chair.

Some, as we soon find out, are early risers. Others need a bit of time to adjust to their circumstances. And then there are those who require just a little bit of help.

You’d think most people would know better than to sleep in the nude, especially after having had their team mates and camera crew walk in on them on a previous occasion. Obviously Gary has a very short memory.

Sadly for our unwashed heroes, waking up is only one part of the mission. This is basically a relay where each of them has to wake another person up and clean the body part indicated on the slip they chose. Complete all the tasks within 30 minutes and breakfast is theirs, otherwise they’ll just have to go hungry for the better part of the day.

Let’s just say I wouldn’t want Jong-kook washing my hair, especially with time running out.

Poor Kwang-soo gets the short end of the stick. As usual.

*snigger* Yes, I am 12.

Kwang-soo also has the task of waking Sun-ah up.

It sucks being the youngest.

Time’s running out and there’s still one more person left to go. And it turns out to be…well, if you’ve read my tweet, you should already know who it is.


There’s less than a minute left on the clock and Kwang-soo is clearly seeing his breakfast flash before his eyes as he watches Sun-ah give her hoobae a very gentle and thorough face wash.

Obviously these two don’t understand the urgency of the situation at hand and what they need is a bit of gentle prodding to move things along…

Oh, same-age friends. I’ve missed you so!

I’m going to stop here but suffice it to say I think you should check this episode out if you haven’t. Kim Sun-ah was such a good sport here that I am very tempted to give City Hall a go. She’s one of those actresses I want to like but her dramas have never really appealed to me. I tried watching My Lovely Samsoon twice but dropped it on both occasions mainly because I just couldn’t sit through the whole triangle with Jung Ryeo-won’s character. As for Scent of a Woman, those type of stories are just not my thing. Maybe City Hall will be the drama to end my Kim Sun-ah drought. And I like Cha Seung-won so that’s a bonus, right?

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