Video of the Day: Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Movie Trailer

Rurouni Kenshin is one of my favourite mangas of all time and I was pretty stoked when I heard a movie was going to be made…that is until I saw what happened with Peacemaker Kurogane, a low-budget manga adaptation that felt like it had hired a bunch of cosplayers to act out scenes from the source material. That made me dial my expectations several notches down. After watching the trailer though, my interest has started creeping back up. I’m still going to go into this with very low expectations but suffice it to say that the trailer is pretty damn cool.

Here’s another one:

Looking at the characters who will be appearing in the movie, I’m guessing it won’t be covering the Kyoto arc. So does this mean that if it does well enough at the box office, there’ll be a sequel? I’d really like to see Hiko torment his baka deshi XD


  1. I think this is the first Japanese movie trailer that is cut like an American film. I mean, I take that as a good thing – usually one wouldn’t get hyped about a Japanese movie with the trailer, but this one is doing pretty good.

    1. You’ve got a point about it being cut like an American film. It didn’t really occur to me till you mentioned it.

      Sato Takeru is really looking the part and I am intrigued by Aoi Yu’s Megumi. Am looking forward to the second teaser/trailer and hopefully there’ll be some dialogue next time.

  2. More than stoked for Rurouni Kenshin my all time favorite manga and anime ( Samurai X). Sato Takeru was more than excellent in last year’s NHK taiga Ryomanden as a samurai so I’m looking forward to his performance here and
    he does really look the part. I love the cast especially my starlet du jour Takeshi Emi
    and of course Aoi Yu and so many A+ japanese actors. Whoopee!

      1. Thanks for the linkie chingu. Yeah, Takeru really looks the part its uncanny, down to the x. Lovely! Wanna watch the movie now!

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