The pigs, they are flying: What’s Up

Just when I had given up all hope of seeing something like this in a K-drama:

Along comes episode 8 of What’s Up.

My god. There’s hope for women yet in K-dramas. *Doori-centric spoilers for episodes 1-12* 

Long story short, Oh Doo-ri (Im Joo-eun) is a former child actress who views college as a means of getting away from her over-controlling showbiz mother. The latter used to be an actress herself but chose to give up the limelight after having a child, a decision she is now trying to rectify by having her daughter live out her dreams.

Though she has talent, Doo-ri has no real desire of doing anything with it…till she meets her hot mess of a professor, Sun Woo-young, a former musical star-turned-hobo.

She senses a kindred spirit in him and it isn’t long before she falls for him. Because Doo-ri isn’t like the rest of her K-drama compatriots, we are spared the blushing virgin-in-the-headlights routine. Doo-ri, bless her heart, just lays her feelings out on the table.

BAM. Simple and straight to the point. Future K-drama female leads, please take note.

Prof Sun, of course, thinks that she’s lost her mind but does that deter Doo-ri? Hell, no! While most girls would have slunk away in burning mortification after being rejected, Doo-ri marches right up to him and demands that he take her seriously as a student and teach her how to act. Well, you could say that the transmission of knowledge is in itself an erotic act.

Okay, I squee-ed when she grabbed him by his shirt thinking she was going to pull a Riko. And then I remembered that this is a K-drama. But look at it on the bright side. It’s one small step for us drama-watchers, one giant leap for women in K-dramas.

CAN YOU FEEL THE ROOM STEAMING UP? To be honest, these caps don’t do this scene any justice. You need to watch episode 8 to appreciate the UST between them as they stare each other down and Prof Sun taunts her in that sexy-ass drawl of his. If this drama were on the CW network, buttons would have been flying.

Because Prof Sun is a stubborn ass with unresolved personal issues, and Doo-ri is ballsy as hell, she decides to bring out the big guns.

And that means announcing to the whole school over the PA system that she is going to Make. Him. Fall. For. Her. (It should be said that she also uses the opportunity to clear up all the rumours flying around about them. How’s that for a take-charge, multi-tasking heroine?)

And then she proceeds to serenade him. In front of the entire school.

I’ll admit that I’m too much of a chickenshit to pull this kind of a stunt but that’s why I watch dramas — to live vicariously through the characters.

I know some people are squicked out by the fact that he’s her professor but it doesn’t bother me. The way I see it, they’re both consenting adults and this teaching stint is just a temporary gig to help him get his life in order again before he returns to the stage.

However the rumours flying around suggest that Prof Sun might not have long to live. Right…Imma live in denial for the remaining episodes. <Memo to self: do not go near the forums until you’ve finished watching the drama.>


    1. Really? But I thought you were looking forward to WR. I’ve only watched the first episode — I am currently placing all my other dramas on hold to spazz over What’s Up. Incidentally, did you know that both Oh Man Suk and Im Joo Eun (the actor and actress who play the prof and Doo-ri) are in Wild Romance as well? But do give What’s Up a go. I think it’s actually a well-written drama with solid characterisation. It isn’t like your standard K-drama where you have the hero who gets the girl and the Daddy Long Legs second lead who pines after her from afar. It helps to regard this as a campus drama and not a musical (the music bits are largely incidental, imo) and to disregard all the Dream High comparisons. Most of these students don’t even want to become famous!

      Um…chingu, wasn’t I the one who gave you the link to those Daito An An pics in one of my Ouran posts? I guess you could say that they’ve come full circle XPPP

      Well, as much as I appreciate the nudity and all, they’re not going to change my mind about him. I watched the first ep of Hungry and to answer my own question, Mukai is freakin’ lucky because he cannot act his way out of his bathroom.

  1. yeah I’m starting with What’s up today cause I love Oh Man Suk. Forget Wild Romance, first baseball ain’t my game, I’m a soccer fanatic. 2nd too much shouting not good for my eardrums. My newest crack is Moon embraces the Sun and I’ve only marathon 4 episodes cause subbing is kinda slow or maybe only 4 episodes are out. I love the teen cast of the drama, they’re doing such a perfect job esp the 15 year old Crown Prince, he’s gorgeous in an Oh Man Suk way, lol and he’s got that killer smile. I’m also watching Color of Woman for Jae Hee but after 9 subbed episodes, there’s not a single shower scene to show off his post-army body. The drama was really cute at first but now its dragging. Its not realistic that these 20 somethings close to 30 year old corporate people are actually virgins or have no effin experience in love. but still there are those aegyo moments that’s why I’m still on it. And I’m loling at Daito’s scans going full circle, its like the fruitcake for Christmas. Ok I gotta admit I love Mukai for his face and body and you’re so right he is freakin’ lucky but I’ll stop there cause I’ve watched a lot of his dramas, and he’s just eye candy.

    1. I used to be a soccer fan until I discovered rugby. Btw, I’m sorry to hear that Jae-hee hasn’t been observing the time-honoured tradition of filming a post-army shower scene in his drama. Perhaps this will cheer you up: (Warning: NSFW) I think I’m in the wrong profession.

      2nd too much shouting not good for my eardrums.

      You mean they’re shouting more than Jung Il-woo in FBRS? Oh dear.

      I haven’t even touched Moon Sun yet. I’ll probably marathon everything later but OMG, you will not believe what I’m watching now. Yaoh, yes, the 2006 drama about an ex-thug who wants to become the number 1 stud in Tokyo’s red-light district. It’s trashy as hell and I can feel my brain growing fat but heaven help me, I need to have the next episode. And to think I was making fun of Kitamura Kazuki in Yokai Ningen Bem.

  2. OMG what’s the 2006 thrashy jdorama? I love yaoi. Yeah Wild romance has more shouting scenes than FBRS. I had to wear ear plugs and just read the subs. And Thank you chingu I love What’s UP!? Its daebak! Its Hearstrings and Dream High combined but more realistic and without the idols. Oh Man Suk really rocked. May not waste my time on Dram High 2 though I love Jinwoo of 2 AM & Jang Sora. And loling forever at the YT linkie. Thank you. Just replace those hot studs with Asian men and I can live on that channel forever. Don’t understand rugby so sticking to soccer and watching them players bend it like Beckham. Hug.

    1. *wipes tears from eyes* Chingu, it’s YAOH ( not yaoi. There isn’t any hot guy-on-guy action in this drama though I’m sure you could slash Kitamura Kazuki with just about any living organism — woman, man, yokai…XD

      And Thank you chingu I love What’s UP!? Its daebak! Its Hearstrings and Dream High combined but more realistic and without the idols. Oh Man Suk really rocked.

      Oh yay! \o/ Apart from Oh Man Suk, who’s your favourite? I LOOOOOVE Byung-gun and I just want to squish Do-sung :D

      1. omg kitamura kazuki, omg i love this man lol ! will watch yaoh for him cause i loved him in bambino, like a dragon, galileo, tenchijin and azumi. omg! he’s such a hottie.

      2. OMG, Kitamura Kazuki is so fabulous in Yaoh. I watched it till the end just for him. And his hair. I swear it had a life of its own. You have to watch this promo that they did to promote the drama ( It’s in Japanese but you don’t need subs to know that the guest is really enjoying making him sweat :D

        Off topic but I thought he was really miscast in Yokai Ningen Bem. I had such a hard time believing that he was a family man because you take one look at him and you know this guy is a consummate bachelor ;) He’s too fabulous to be tied down by a life of domesticity.

  3. Doo Ri ROCKS. I mean at that scene where she announces her crush in front of the entire school, I just flapped my hands and squealed. I go through every episode just waiting for her to come on. I ship her and the professor so hard.

    And yeah, you can guess what’s coming for Sun Man. But in that case, Doo Ri also has an awesome odd-couple partnership with Byung Gun; it’s always so entertaining to see her straightforward ballsyness with his drama-queen tendencies.

    1. Doo Ri ROCKS.

      You’re preaching to the choir here, my friend :D If Eun-bi had had half her chutzpah in FBRS, I wouldn’t have been so annoyed with the drama. You can be sure that if Prof Sun were to kiss Doo-ri, she wouldn’t be standing there like she was in shock.

      Doo Ri also has an awesome odd-couple partnership with Byung Gun; it’s always so entertaining to see her straightforward ballsyness with his drama-queen tendencies.

      I LOVE BYUNG-GUN. Doo-ri is the person I want to be but Byung-gun is definitely my fave, hands down. God, is this drama ever going to release an OST?

  4. Lol so its Yaoh, my bad. OK i love Byung Gun too and Do sung and of course DooRi yeah this gurl r-o-c-k-s. I want all of them to be happy! Running out of wind here, have to clear the cogs in my brain, too much reality checks going on or maybe i’m just watching too many dramas.

  5. I love her!! And can somebody PLEASE tell me what that song is that was playing when she cut her hair off (and it pops up other times too)?? I am obsessed with it and can’t get it out of my head.

    1. I’m afraid I have no idea. Er, anyone? You know, you might have better luck going to the Soompi forums — their intel is more up-to-date than mine.

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