Brain, meet Gutter

Daito-kun, I can think of a few ways we can put that tie to good use...

Daito’s latest pictorial opus doesn’t score any marks for subtlety — and thank god for that. You know when Britney Spears sang ‘I’m not a girl, not yet a woman’? Well, you could say that this is Atlantis’s way of announcing that their latest signing is no longer a boy but a smoking hot and VIRILE young man. Daito’s always had a very masculine image and while his earlier photo books presented him as a fresh-faced man-child, this one is all about flaunting his sex appeal.

And to that I can only say AMEN.

This way to the SMEX. Please have some tissues on hand.

Most of the things I want to say about this picture are of the unprintable variety. I think that just about sums it up.

Daito in bed: My brain is now permanently residing in the gutter.


I think I’m going to need this photo book in my life.

[Source: All pictures via Topsyturvy]

Update: Here’s the promo video for the photobook.


  1. OK my brain is in the gutter as well. I love the necktie photo and the last one with Daito in bed side eyeing us and smiling. OMG. Stop me before I jump on him. I hope SOPA doesn’t close down this blog for “porn”. Love you bb. Thanks for putting a permanent smile on my face today.

    1. OMG. Stop me before I jump on him.

      Chingu, I don’t think I have to do that. There isn’t any space left for you on the bed XDDDDD

      I hope SOPA doesn’t close down this blog for “porn”

      Ahahahahahaha! Before they shut my blog down, they’re going to have to go after all those Jin and Yamapi fansites first ;)

      1. omg loved the promo video of the photobook.Daito is a sexy honey bunny though I got all jelly when he backed hugged the tranny. Was this shot in thailand by any chance?

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