Month: February 2012

He’s a Robot But That’s OK: Wild Romance

One’s a moron. The other’s a twit. No, wait. That doesn’t sound right. Let’s start again.

Meet Kim Tae-han.

He hails from Planet Dorkron, the same extrasolar planet that gave us this extra-terrestrial vision of loveliness…


And Kim Hyun-joong…

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And just about every other clueless K-drama chaebot who wants to know what love is…*coughcometomeandI’llshowyoucough* (Note to NASA: Should you ever find this planet, you will have my eternal gratitude.)

Spoilers for Episodes 1-5 (more…)

Shut Up Flower Boy Band Eps 3-6

SUFBB status: Red

If you had asked me whether I was going to watch Lie to Me when it was airing last year, I would have told you that you couldn’t pay me enough to touch it with the proverbial barge pole. Well, 2012 is looking to be the year where I find my words coming back to laugh in my face. Damn you, Sung Joon. Couldn’t you have picked another drama? Maybe I should consider watching White Christmas instead. Can someone please talk me out of this?  (more…)

Hungry! Eps 1-4

Four episodes in and I still have no idea what Tokyohive meant when it reported that Mukai Osamu would be playing a sadistic French chef. I’m assuming this is one of those “lost in translation” moments where the Japanese marketing department and translator had their wires crossed. Either that or someone decided to kill the idea and have the drama revolve around Mukai looking cute.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the latter turned out to be true.  (more…)

Hello, My Precioussss: Shut Up Flower Boy Band

As some of you may recall, I did not like Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (and that’s putting it mildly.) So when I read that tvN was coming up with yet another flower boy drama — this time with an even more ridiculous name — I wrote it off immediately.

I was prepared to mock it endlessly, especially when I found out that one of the bands in the drama was called Strawberry Fields. If it was a new brand of yoghurt or a new line of air fresheners I’d understand but a rock band? Really? (ETA: I just found out that there’s actually a Korean rock band by this name. So this just goes to show you how much I know.)

So anyway, I was planning to come up with at least 20 different ways to describe the stupidity of this drama.

And then I watched the first episode.

Okay, just pass me the damn crow so that I can get it over and done with. (Spoilers for episodes 1 and 2)  (more…)

Best pick-up line or what?

I haven’t been keeping up with Wild Romance even though I liked what I saw of the first episode. However this scene just bumped it up my To Watch list:

Oh Kim Tae-han, you sexy, sexy thang from Planet Dorkron. Yes, yes, YES! A THOUSAND TIMES YES XDDD

And hot damn. Is Im Joo-eun having an awesome year playing two feisty characters or what?

[Images via Omo! Drama!]