Month: April 2012

Half-time Report: Rooftop Prince Eps 5-9

In my earlier post, I said I’d give Rooftop Prince a few more episodes to see whether there was any improvement in the story or writing.

Short answer: No.

While this drama has its entertaining moments, the aggravating portions far outweigh the funny ones. And because I am no longer a masochist, I am going to drop it before I grind my teeth down to stubs and punch something.

Three reasons why Rooftop Prince isn’t doing it for me  (more…)

Ouran Manga Extras: Divining Ootori Kyouya’s Future

I know I’ve been horribly remiss about updating this blog but this is what happens when you’re going through a drama slump -.-;;;;;;

Anyway, I’m sure anyone who’s been reading this blog long enough knows my fondness for a certain Host Club member. The Viz edition of Volume 18 hasn’t been released yet but I’m sure most fans have read Omari’s Sister’s translation of the final installment online.

My understanding of Hatori’s notes is a little different from Omari’s Sister’s so I’ve decided to include my (flawed) translation here to supplement theirs. There can never be too much written about Kyouya in my opinion :D  (more…)

Rooftop Prince Eps 1-4


Of all the Spring K-dramas airing at the moment, Rooftop Prince was the one that interested me the most because of its promise of time-travel hijinks and hilarity. But what really convinced me to give it a go was this picture of Han Ji-min throwing Yoochun a dirty look as he lounges imperiously beside her:
So what we have is a hoity-toity Joseon royal who gets schooled in the ways of the (modern) world by a pint-sized woman and eventually falls in love with her?


Now that I’m all caught up with the first four episodes, here’s a summary of my feelings:

LOVE:  Watching the Joseon foursome acclimatise to their modern-day surroundings and seeing Park Ha get the upper hand over Lee Gak.

Can’t Stand: Se-na. More on this below.

Meh: the writing which, for me, is this drama’s weakest link.