Day: April 4, 2012

Rooftop Prince Eps 1-4


Of all the Spring K-dramas airing at the moment, Rooftop Prince was the one that interested me the most because of its promise of time-travel hijinks and hilarity. But what really convinced me to give it a go was this picture of Han Ji-min throwing Yoochun a dirty look as he lounges imperiously beside her:
So what we have is a hoity-toity Joseon royal who gets schooled in the ways of the (modern) world by a pint-sized woman and eventually falls in love with her?


Now that I’m all caught up with the first four episodes, here’s a summary of my feelings:

LOVE:  Watching the Joseon foursome acclimatise to their modern-day surroundings and seeing Park Ha get the upper hand over Lee Gak.

Can’t Stand: Se-na. More on this below.

Meh: the writing which, for me, is this drama’s weakest link.