Month: August 2012

5 dramas/movies I would never consider watching if not for Tumblr

5. Buzzer Beat

| “Naoki, isn’t your chest bigger than a woman’s?

[via Elena-chan]

I’m not sure which is more hypnotic: a) his body or b) watching him feel himself up ad infinitum.

And thanks to E.G’s hilarious review of Ashita no Joe, I can no longer look at Yamapi without taking in his, um, entire package…XD Damn, is it just the camera angle or is Pi-chan happy to be in a locker room full of hot, sweaty guys?


Rich Man, Poor Woman Eps 5-7


Okay, so my words have returned to bite me in the you-know-where. In my earlier post, I said this was a promising series and made a bunch of predictions about how the story would develop. It looks like the jinx is working again because no sooner had I hit the “publish” button than I found my face meeting my palm.

Whatever mild spots this drama had in the first four episodes have basically developed into full-blown warts. I’ll probably watch this till the end but dear lord, why is Kosuke turning into a K-drama second lead? And I’m not talking about the Moon Jae-shin variety either. All that’s missing is a pair of hairy eyeballs and a Laser Glare of Doom…*eyebrow twitches*

Arata, you are a better actor than that. DO NOT GO THERE. *mild spoilers ahead* (more…)

He’s a Woman, She’s a Man…

Boys cross-dressing as girls is nothing new in the world of J-drama entertainment but I never thought the day would come when even Daito would get on board the gender-bending wagon. He’s always sported a very masculine image, one that’s been reinforced in part by the testosterone-charged roles he tends to play, so you can imagine my surprise when I found out that he’ll be wearing falsies in his upcoming Fall drama special.

Oh Daito, if not for this picture, I’d never have imagined you’d look so cute in a blond wig and pink dress XDDDDD


Rich Man, Poor Woman Eps 1-4

I think I’m sensing a pattern here.

I wasn’t planning to watch this drama at all because a) its title gave me hives and b) the nine episodes of Rooftop Prince that I watched pretty much filled my quota of the bratty-chaebol-meets-poor-plucky-heroine romance trope for the rest of the year.

And that, I thought, was that till I came across various bloggers talking about the cliffhanger at the end of episode 1, plus random speculation about Ishihara Satomi’s character not being all that she appeared to be. So curiosity piqued, it was with extremely low expectations that I watched the first episode, and then the next and well…it’s been a while since Shut Up Flower Boy Band but boy am I glad to have another drama that fills me with glee again. *Mild spoilers ahead*  (more…)