Shit K-Drama Characters Do: Queen In-hyun’s Man

Scenario: You see someone charging towards you on a horse. What do you do?

Normal Person #1 (i.e. my sister): Move aside.

Normal Person #2 (i.e. my 12-year-old nephew): Get out of the way. Duh.

Your response: _______________________________________

What does our lovely heroine do? 

She screams…

…and then turns around and drops to the ground in the exact same spot. Maybe she’s hoping her yellow designer purse is an amulet that will protect her from harm? Or maybe she’s hoping that if she prays hard enough, the ground will open up and swallow the director and scriptwriter whole for coming up with such a dumb scenario?

Things get even more WTF when an assassin appears.

I think the gif below just about sums up my feelings about this entire situation:

facepalm cat


  1. Face couch indeed.

    Another one that comes to mind would be a particular scene from Brilliant Legacy.

    And something else I find WTF is often the lead girl just freezes there and the one who’s gonna save her is gonna jump in front of her and shield her from the incoming car!

    Logic would say he should pull her to the side or push her to the ground and roll over to safety but no, he goes and does another (or should I say more) stupid thing..

    1. I have never watched Brilliant Legacy but I think I can understand your ire XD

      And something else I find WTF is often the lead girl just freezes there and the one who’s gonna save her is gonna jump in front of her and shield her from the incoming car!

      I know! And you’re facepalming in front of your computer going, “I thought the whole purpose of doing this was to save the girl, not get yourselves both killed?” It’s like getting two victims for one moment of stupidity or something.

      Oh Korea…

  2. Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought that scene was amazingly dumb… At least when the girls almost get run over by cars, they’re usually not paying an ounce of attention. They don’t see the headlights, and duck down in the middle of the street – as in our horseriding scene here.. Almost as silly (and as helpful) as the ‘duck and cover’ drill during the Cold War for possible nuclear attack..

    1. Yoo In-na’s character is making me reconsider continuing with QIHM. I watched the first four episodes because everyone told me I had to watch it and while I will agree that Boong-do is dreamy (and smart), Hee-jin is making my eyebrows twitch. The part in ep 4 where she was so pleased about being famous just because she’s beautiful had me going, “Are you seriously kidding me, SHOW?!” I wouldn’t have minded the exchange so much if she had been just a bit facetious or ironic about it…Spacey and clumsy I can handle. Full-on vapidity is a different matter entirely.

      So anyways, I have eps 5-10 sitting on my hard drive but I have very little motivation to continue watching it right now. Maybe later but tell me, does the heroine become less shallow over the course of the drama?

      1. Don’t worry – I also had some serious misgivings about continuing with this show, but I think it overcomes itself. The romance itself was worth every flaw. And I’m not talking about the I’m-gonna-kill-myself-before-it’s-over angsty romance; We’re talking drop dead serious kissing (two-sided!). Her character doesn’t so much become less shallow, as she becomes more ‘real’. If that makes any sense. I’d give it a shot. This was definitely one of my favorite shows this year.

      2. Chingu! Me thinks I highly recommended the show to you on twitter, gomen nasai if it didn’t live up to your expectations. Yes, there are tons of dumb scenes but tons of cute, wish I were in the same situation scenarios as well. Yes, Yoo In Na’s character is vapid but Bong Do’s scholarly mien makes up for everything. Its the law of opposites attract in this drama universe not to mention the undeniable chemistry of the two leads. And I agree with Sara, despite the flaws, there are serious really major kissing scenes I want to try out myself. The heroine is shallow, the hero profound, but its such an adorable mixture of fantasy and wish it were real that its one of my addictions of the year, and I’ve downloaded it to rewatch on a cold winter night.

      3. Nah, it wasn’t just you who recc’ed QIHM to me. I had a few friends who were also gushing about it so no need to apologise. At any rate, we can’t all like the same dramas, right? ;) I can see why Boong Do is making everyone swoon though so I’ll probably give it another go after I finish Keizoku…

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