He’s a Woman, She’s a Man…

Boys cross-dressing as girls is nothing new in the world of J-drama entertainment but I never thought the day would come when even Daito would get on board the gender-bending wagon. He’s always sported a very masculine image, one that’s been reinforced in part by the testosterone-charged roles he tends to play, so you can imagine my surprise when I found out that he’ll be wearing falsies in his upcoming Fall drama special.

Oh Daito, if not for this picture, I’d never have imagined you’d look so cute in a blond wig and pink dress XDDDDD


The drama is called School Kagekidan – Otokogumi (you can get more details here, courtesy of Maido Ari and Ichigo Kurimu) and it’s based on the Kazurakata Revue, an all-male student theatre troupe based in Nagoya’s Tokai High School. (You can get an idea of what they look like here.)

I mentioned in one of my earlier tweets that I was hoping he’d move away from playing high school roles — dude is 26 this year and most of his major roles so far have been in school dramas, which isn’t exactly ideal if you’re an actor trying to hone your craft and work on your range. That said, on the upside, I’m glad this isn’t one of those typical high-school manga romances and that it requires him to get out of his comfort zone, even if only for a short while.

Daito’s been having a really quiet year on the drama front. I’m not sure whether it’s because he hasn’t had much luck getting picked for projects or if he’s been really picky about the roles he’s getting (I doubt it though — exactly how much say does he even get in choosing his own projects?) Anyway, I was hoping he’d be cast in a drama with established veteran actors such as Abe Hiroshi, Nakatani Miki or Natsukawa Yui so that he could pick up a couple of things from them. You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with and there’s a limit to how far he can stretch himself if he keeps getting cast in the same kind of dramas. As I mentioned in my review last year, what’s really important is for him to be cast in a good project. Being able to play a well-written supporting character is preferable to playing the lead in a crappy drama, and let’s just say Daito has acted in his fair share of dreck.

In his interviews, he comes across as someone who’s willing to experiment and push his boundaries so it’s frustrating to see him frittering away whatever promise he has doing so little, especially when he’s fast approaching his late 20s. I don’t know what this drama special is going to be like but here’s hoping he’ll shine in it.


  1. Wow, what a beauty x)

    It shames me at times that so many of these Japanese boys dressed in drag end up looking girlier than me, lol. Cross-dressing has always been a hit in the Asian entertainment world, we’ve been so spoilt with top-quality girls-disguised-as-boys dramas I guess it’s nice to see a series where the roles will be reversed.

    Speaking of boys that look like girls, have you crossed paths with the latest visual kei sensation, Yohio? My first encounter with him was when one of his PVs coming onto TV. I saw the kawaii doll-like face and was expecting a bit of a Pamyu Pamyu like vocal performance but once the singing started, I was in WTHing to the utmost degree. Kinda reminds of this classic Japanese CM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=km2XNQmyjaU

    1. I haven’t been following the visual kei scene since…*does some mental calculation*…let’s just say it’s been a while but Yohio brings back such fond memories! I checked out his Sky Limit MV and hot damn, the guy is purrrrrty. What I find interesting about these visual kei bands/singers is how seriously they treat the whole image — It isn’t about dressing up for kicks or stuffing socks/oranges in their bras and singing in a falsetto though I’m not really sure why they sport such an androgynous image. It’s something I’ll have to read up on one of these days but your rec reminded me of how my sister used to be such a huge fan of the visual kei group, Shazna. We used to play this song on loop. *sigh* Good times…

      And thanks for the link to the CM! *pounds fist on table* Oh Kase Ryo…

  2. The song you linked is awesome.

    I’ve never really found myself falling overly in love with the visual kei fashion but I do respect many of the great visual kei bands out there and enjoy quite a few of the softer songs (the heavy metal stuff just personally doesn’t suit my demeanour.) I agree that it’s quite awe-inspiring that the artists are so meticulous in their presentation and their expression. It really is an art.

    But yeah, Daito Shunsuke playing a high school student at a stage of his career where alot of us will probably be seeing as a time to push yourself to the next level does make me a bit apprehensive. Then again, I don’t think this role will be easy to pull off so kudos to him for taking up the challenge. And ganbatte!

    1. Heh, glad you enjoyed Koibito!

      But yeah, Daito Shunsuke playing a high school student at a stage of his career where alot of us will probably be seeing as a time to push yourself to the next level does make me a bit apprehensive.

      Tell me about it. It’s like his career is in a state of arrested development. The thing is that he’s done some really high brow plays so I’d like to think he can do more than what he’s been given so far.

      Here’s hoping the drama special turns out to be a good one and not something as pointless as Shaken Baby.

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