Day: August 27, 2012

Rich Man, Poor Woman Eps 5-7


Okay, so my words have returned to bite me in the you-know-where. In my earlier post, I said this was a promising series and made a bunch of predictions about how the story would develop. It looks like the jinx is working again because no sooner had I hit the “publish” button than I found my face meeting my palm.

Whatever mild spots this drama had in the first four episodes have basically developed into full-blown warts. I’ll probably watch this till the end but dear lord, why is Kosuke turning into a K-drama second lead? And I’m not talking about the Moon Jae-shin variety either. All that’s missing is a pair of hairy eyeballs and a Laser Glare of Doom…*eyebrow twitches*

Arata, you are a better actor than that. DO NOT GO THERE. *mild spoilers ahead* (more…)