5 dramas/movies I would never consider watching if not for Tumblr

5. Buzzer Beat

| “Naoki, isn’t your chest bigger than a woman’s?

[via Elena-chan]

I’m not sure which is more hypnotic: a) his body or b) watching him feel himself up ad infinitum.

And thanks to E.G’s hilarious review of Ashita no Joe, I can no longer look at Yamapi without taking in his, um, entire package…XD Damn, is it just the camera angle or is Pi-chan happy to be in a locker room full of hot, sweaty guys?

4. Antique Bakery

I remember watching the Japanese drama adaptation many years ago but despite the combined pretty of Hideaki Takizawa, Koyuki and Fujiki Naohito, I never found it particularly memorable. Reviews tell me that the Korean movie adaptation is a lot more faithful to Yoshinaga Fumi’s manga but who the hell cares? Even if this were a movie about watching paint dry, I would watch it just for this scene alone.

As an added bonus:

[Both sets of gifs via badkpopfairy]

*Brain combusts* Dear god, Kim Jae-wook. When are you getting discharged from the army?!

3. Iryu

[via chasemybus]

I wish I could tell you that Iryu is a midnight sex drama in which Kitamura Kazuki plays an unprincipled rat bastard who seduces anything that walks on two legs. Unfortunately, it’s a medical procedural. I’m not a big fan of this genre in general but I’ve heard good things about this one. I also came across this gem of a review on Jdoramas.com: “A genius surgeon-turned-bum is called to perform surgical miracles with his hands in his pockets while pulling together an A-team of mentally unstable doctors to bleed this drama to absurdity.”

They had me at “genius-turned-bum” and “mentally unstable doctors.” Sold.

2. Sengyou Shufu Tantei ~Watashi Wa Shadow

[via reclus3]

I am in two minds about this. On the one hand, I know Kenta is going to be adorable in this. That said, I also know this drama is going to make my blood boil. Basically, Fukada Kyoko plays a (not very bright) woman who is so deeply in love with her cheating husband (Fujiki Naohito) that “she would not mind being his shadow.” By some stroke of plot contrivance, she ends up working in a detective agency for Kenta’s character. Needless to say, someone’s feelings end up being put through a blender. I already know the ending to this drama so I’m not sure if I want to sit through nine episodes of Fukakyon playing a dim but lovable housewife. I am still trying to forget the mind rage that she put me through in Kami-sama, Mou Sukoshi Dake and I watched that drama eight years ago. So I think I will pass on this for my mental well-being. On the upside, Kenta will be appearing in a new fall drama with Ikuta Toma et al so that is something to look forward to.

1. Usagi Drop

[via sakuranamida]

Matsuyama Kenichi plays 30-year-old Daikichi, a salaryman who suddenly finds himself adopting his grandfather’s illegitimate six-year-old daughter when no one else is willing to take her in. I cannot lie: I am weak to stories involving hot-bachelors-turned-surrogate-fathers. Watching their lives get turned upside-down as they try to adjust their lifestyle to accommodate their young charges never fails to warm the cockles of my cold, cold heart amuse me.

My research tells me that the anime has received plenty of rave reviews. I am also aware of the manga’s controversial ending (to which I can only say, “Oh Japan. You and your weird fetishes”) but the movie doesn’t include the time skip so there’s no need for anyone to be squicked out. I have no doubt that this is going to be an emotionally manipulative fluff ball of a movie but I do not care. This is my guilty pleasure and I am going to wallow in it.


  1. Re: Sengyou Shufu Tantei- At first she seems super dumb but then there’s this other side to her. I followed Fujiki Naohito from Hotaru no Hikari to this drama at first he was my only reason. He was okay in it but this is where I discovered Kenta! Asagi and Jinnai’s chemistry is spectacular. I stayed away from ISWAK and Playful Kiss because I hate the whole obsessive dumb girl concept, but this wasn’t as bad.

    1. Asagi and Jinnai’s chemistry is spectacular.

      I can imagine! I’ve ransacked Tumblr for all the gifs from this drama and I will admit that they look like they have a really cute dynamic together. It’s just that I know what Fukada is going to be like…

      Re: Fujihito. Tbh, I kinda lost interest in him after watching Koukou Kyoushi 2003. In fact, I don’t think I’ve watched him in anything since then.

      Re: Playful Kiss. I think I watched 6 episodes of this. I actually found Jung So-min very charming but I dropped the drama because her character was just content to trail after Seung-jo.

      Anyway, thanks for the tip! I will really consider giving Sengyou Shufu Tantei a go if Iryu and Kenta’s new drama don’t work out! ;p

  2. LMFAO, this post is hilarious! Mainly because I didn’t realise I have been doing the same thing until I read the title of this post. I can’t even begin to tell you how many hours I have spent trolling through tumblr pages and all of a sudden take up interests that I’ve never been aware of before, lol.

    LOL@the PiPi gifs.I tried watching Ashita no Joe on the plane a while back but fell asleep after the first 20minutes. I don’t think no amount of peckage could’ve kept me awake for that one. As for Buzzer Beat, if it weren’t for those locker room scenes (& the very talented and very beautiful Kitagawa Keiko) I wouldn’t have made it through either. I mean, it was enjoyable for the most part but Pi’s acting just didn’t really inspire me.

    Re Antique the movie, seriously, it’s like the film equivalent of walking into the best patisserie in town and ordering everything on the menu— you know, that “so wrong but so good for you” feeling? Please watch it if you haven’t done so already! I guarantee satisfaction. It’s eye candy in all its sweetest glory.

    And THANK YOU for sharing those gifs of Kim Jae Wook in Pygmalion Love X) I think my exact words when I watched that scene were “ajldkasjflaiufsk.” Never wanted to be a head-only sculpture more. The series itself is quite mellow. I don’t want to divulge too much if you haven’t watched it. If you’re a KJW fan, it’s definitely not to be missed.

    Usagi Drop is new to me! Thank you for opening my eyes to it. Matsuyama Kenichi makes everything watchable. I find that he just elevates the quality of any production. He really is equal parts pretty and talented X)

    1. I think the good thing about fans putting up all these gifs on Tumblr is that you get to see the best parts of these shows without having to sit through the less stellar moments. It’s for this reason that I will probably not end up watching Buzzer Beat. I have to admit that while Pi’s abs are gorgeous, I am indifferent to the cast. Also, most of the reviews I’ve read haven’t been kind to the drama so I think I will just enjoy it vicariously through Tumblr XD

      Re: Antique the movie. I do intend to watch this one! Btw, I had no other the second set was from Pygmalion Love. I was content to call it “ajldkasjflaiufsk” x100, so thank you for letting me know! XDD

  3. Chingu, where can I watch Usagi Drop, your comments and the trailer totally blew me away! I have to watch this now! There aren’t enough days in the week, month, year for all the dramas I want to watch. Can I just be a drama/movie reviewer please and get paid to do what I love best! Hyuk! omg I meant Hug!

    1. Pssst, check out eMediaBuzz. If that doesn’t work, Dorama x264 has it too.

      You’re welcome. Enjoy!

      Can I just be a drama/movie reviewer please and get paid to do what I love best!

      Chingu, I say go start your own tumblog! Is your LJ still alive?

      1. Thanks Chingu! I loved Usagi Drop! Can MatsuKen be my Daikichi/daddy too! I can’t believe his chemistry with 6 year old Mana Ashida.
        Yup I have a tumblog and my LJ is alive but not really kicking. Too busy with life!
        I need to learn to navigate tumblr. All I do is reblog! I hardly tweet too! Check it out, its a hopeless mess http://www.tumblr.com/blog/islandgurl84

        Post a linkie to your tumblog too!

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