And now for our moment of introspection…

Excellent questions, Show. Now if only you’d do something about them.


  1. I take it that you don’t like the main obsessi- err premise of the show then? BTW, forgot to say this last time, But your Gyakuten Saiban banner is awesome <3333

    1. I take it that you don’t like the main obsessi- err premise of the show then?

      I think it would be more accurate to say that I dislike everything about this drama. I picked it up because of my affection for Sung Joon and Jung So-min but for the sake of my blood pressure, Imma have to drop it. Not only does it have nothing new/interesting to say about marriage/relationships, it plays to the most awful kinds of stereotypes and makes women look absolutely pathetic. [rant] Case in point: the character with the philandering doctor husband. Why the hell are so many women backstabbing one another to sleep with this guy? Does his dick shoot out diamonds or what?! It’s so ridiculous how no one calls him out for being a pig when he’s the one making the conscious decision to cheat. And then there’s Han Groo’s character, who I know will drive me nuts if I continue watching the drama. I can’t believe she’s hellbent on marrying a guy who values his lamp more than her. I don’t care if they’ve been shagging each other’s brains out for the past five years. Hello? Self respect, where art thou? [/rant] Sorry, didn’t mean to go on a verbal rampage here but just thinking about the characters sets my teeth on edge.

      But your Gyakuten Saiban banner is awesome <3333

      Thank you! I really liked the camera work in that scene and I’m glad someone noticed where I got it from :D

      1. Ok, so when I first replied to your post I had only watched previews for the show and I was all “It can’t be that bad”. Then I watched the first episode. For the first 15 minutes I tried to bear it (“It can’t be as screechy all the way through”) but then holy jesus they just keep on screeching. And the thing that took the cake was that the main OTP themself were so gaaahhhhh. She is so naggy. I hate it when they try to make a main female lead strong, but instead they make her screechy and violent and senseless. She’s like a nagging fishwife character even though she’s supposed not to be. It’s like BOF all over again where they completely destroyed, obliterated, and crushed the awesomeness of Makino. I mean. Look at Ha Ji Won’s character in The King 2 Hearts. She was strong and pretty much fearless and full of sense and she did all of that, and had her (fellow soldier then boyfriend then fiance then) husband do pretty much what she wanted. And her husband was the bleeding King Of Korea. The only credit I can give to So Min’s character at the moment is that she didn’t misunderstand the female-in-my-fiance’s-bed, unlike most k-drama cliches, and was instead very sensible about it. But then, that makes me wonder about the sanity of us kdrama-watchers. I mean, what the shit kind of level have kdramas brought us down to that now having a functional, rational female lead is a thing of wonders and much applause?

        And the guy. I mean, it’s totally ok to be compromising and understanding, but that does not equate to them being a doormat. The whole “kneel if you’re sorry.” I’m sorry. What? Just, whatever.

        And the best friend. Jesus. Just leave the prick alone. He’s not even the best looking guy there is, I’ve seen tonnes better. You can do much better, so why the hell don’t you? If it were me, once I’d say I would go, I’d be gone. No one deserves to be treated like that. And you want to marry that? And live the rest of your life with it? And (presumably) have kids with it? You a masochist?

        And then the older sister. Pffttt the diamond shooting dick… although wouldn’t that be more reason NOT to be with him? I mean, imagine all the pain… but I swear, you’d think he was the next Midas or something, the way every woman debases herself to get with him. It’s so disgusting. And no one gives a shit that the guys is a serial affair-haver? When Sung Joon’s mom is all “But I heard her sister seduced the guy while he was still married!” I nearly broke some (small) thing. He’s a grown man who went ahead and had an affair with her, it was a two party thing, how the hell can you blame the woman alone?

        I could go on and on, but it’d only make me more enraged. I want to watch cos of main OTP fluff, but everything else is just so aggravating that I could scream. Sawwy for the rant >.<;;

        And yes, Gyakuten Saiban was amazing and my whole family watched it multiple times and everything was perfect and yes yes yes~

      2. Ahahahaha! I had so much fun reading this. Never apologise for long comments. They are always welcome here :D

        And the guy. I mean, it’s totally ok to be compromising and understanding, but that does not equate to them being a doormat. The whole “kneel if you’re sorry.”

        This is a really shitty follow-up project to SUFBB. The entire time I was watching the first two episodes, I was just thinking: ‘Sung Joon, please find your balls.’ Was he this emasculated in Lie to Me?

        And another thing that jumped out at me was how unconvincing both Jung So-min and Sung Joon were playing 28 year olds. They’re 23 and 22 respectively and their lack of life experience is so obvious. To me, it felt like watching two kids play make-believe.

        Based on what I saw in the first two episodes, I’m not sure I like Han Groo’s character at all. I don’t know where the writer is going with her but you know the first scene where she was in the photo studio directing a bridal shoot? She’s the kind of client I would never want to work with because she will tell you that she hates what you’re doing without telling you why she hates it, and she’ll make you redo it repeatedly without giving any constructive criticism. If this is the writer’s way of showing that she’s a perfectionist, it’s a very ineffective way of doing so.

        And the scene where she goes to mess up her ex’s wardrobe. Sorry, am I meant to think that’s funny?

        I want to watch cos of main OTP fluff, but everything else is just so aggravating that I could scream

        Well, I guess that’s why there’s Tumblr. You get all the squee-able scenes without the sucky stuff in between.

  2. When I first saw these two screencaps and your commentary, I was nodding in agreement because yes, have some loftier goals, girls! For the love of all that is good and sane, please!

    But I didn’t know which drama these came from so had to wiki Jung So Min. Landed on the “Can’t We Get Married?” wiki page and the moment I saw that Sung Joon is the male lead, I was sold. I’ve missed him since SUFBB and was wondering what his next project would be. So I checked out the first episode…

    Oh goodness, what a long hour… I can’t even.. Seriously, what is wrong with these characters, male and female? If I can like both of y’all comments, I would because your comments summed up perfectly my reaction to the first episode. I was really hoping that the show would be good because rom-coms are rare commodities these days, when it seems like every other new drama is either a melo or a sageuk. I was disappointed that it didn’t deliver. No matter how strong my craving is for rom-coms, I just can’t watch anymore of this crap.

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