My resistance is cracking…

After sitting through a spate of ho hum dramas and disappointing finales, I decided to swear off K-dramas…and for a while I was making good on my promise to myself until I saw this:


[via a matter of timing]

On the one hand, this drama is FIFTY episodes long. God knows where I’m going to find the time to sit through a long-ass weekend drama.

On the other hand, JO JUNG-SUK ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I loved him in What’s Up. Dropped King 2 Hearts but I’ll take everyone’s word for it that he nailed his role and left a trail of broken hearts in his wake. And now my intel tells me that he’s all kinds of adorkable in this one…

Dammit Show, if I’m going to make this commitment, you better not let me down, you hear?


  1. Haha! THAT is some neat gif.
    But you know you’re a glutton for punishment, right? This is hallmark weekend makjang. Just watch for the pretty. <3

  2. But…but…but…*lips quiver, looks at gifs again*

    Considering that I’ve never watched a weekend makjang before, this might actually turn out to be a novel experience…*cough* What is your definition of “hallmark weekend makjang”, btw?

    Maybe I’ll just watch this drama vicariously through Tumblr instead…

    1. Haha. To watch ”vicariously via. Tumblr”. Best thing a drama fan has ever said. I could pop that in a quote and frame it.

      Oh don’t mind me, I just have a bitter ”seen it once, seen ’em all” to dailies and longer-running weekend dramas. They all of them have the same formula: Chaebol, hostile boy. Poor Candy. Meet cute. Funny stuff happens to fool you into believing it’ll be funny throughout. Chaebol is frosty has parenting issues, he is thawed out by warmth of the orphaned Candy (or maybe she has an evil stepmum, who’s a drunkard — if she’s reeeally lucky). They face obstacles in getting married, i.e. Candy has a second lead oppa who was in the same orphanage as her, we watch and feel for him and his one-sided romance. Candy is so dense – she totally doesn’t know it. Other obstacles are the boy’s parents, they bribe Candy to leave him but she won’t buckle. They blacklist her from employer and won’t allow her to work elsewhere, what to do – she’s in debt but is too embarrassed to tell Chaebol, she becomes miserable and runs away. Chaebol is heartbroken. Chaebol’s dad gets leukemia. Somehow we realise Candy’s drunkard stepmum/or dead real mum was Chaebol daddy’s first love and they’re not over each other. Chaebol daddy dies uttering his first love’s name but not before apologising to his son for the atrocities committed to Candy who could have potentially been his daughter (barf), and for him to pay her debts off and bring her back. Chaebol finds Candy in somewhere remote but seaside-ish like Ulsan. She won’t budge. They fight. She cries. He broods broods broods.He’s leaving. She has change of heart, cheesy ballad plays. gets in his car. They kiss. Get married. Drunkard stepmother and Chaebol mum become BFFs.
      Now some dramas even fool you so hard at the outset they have happy families with doting grandmothers and wacky siblings and uncles to make you think momentarily that it may be ‘feel-good’ family entertainment but… BWAHAHAHA.

      1. @supah, best summary of makjang dramas I have ever read. Must read for kdrama newbies.

  3. I suggest you give it a try. Fumbling jJS is so cute and IU is doing a great job. There is “mucho” eye candy and it’s fairly well balanced storytelling. Six eps. have flown by and I’m looking forward to the next 22 weeks. I was also tiring of kdramas and YTBLSS hooked me in.

    1. Ahahahaha…”Mucho” eye candy, huh? Thanks for the rec, Mara! :D

      I can imagine JJS being all kinds of adorable in this drama — I suspect that’s actually his secret weapon.

  4. I got sucked in to this drama as well. So far so good, although I enjoyed episodes 1-4 more than last weekend’s eps 5-6. But I know what you mean.. 50 episodes!!! In any case, if you decide to hop on this train, you’ll have a watching buddy. :)

  5. I wish I could join this drama train cause I love Jo Jung Suk in What’s Up and King 2 Hearts but sadly after Dream High I can’t bear to watch IU although she is getting rave reviews. And I’m swearing off makjangs for a while since its been a 3 in a row season from Nice Guy to I Miss You to That Winter The Wind Blows. But hey, I never say never.

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