And we have a sequel … sort of

So some of you may already have heard the news but for the benefit of those who haven’t, it looks like Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo will be getting a sequel after all.

However before you hit the “spazz” button, there are two important details that everyone should take note of:

  1. The sequel will be helmed by a different production team (yes, that’s right. Director Nagata Koto, producer Moriya Takeshi and scriptwriter Miura Uiko will not have anything to do with it. Q___Q)
  2. The cast, according to Nagata, has not been confirmed yet. (I can just about imagine the shit storm that’s going to go down on Weibo and Baidu if they change the leads. I don’t think they’ll be so dumb as to swap out FuruYuki, unless they want to alienate his one million+ fans. But it’s really Honoka who I want to see again.)

Promoting Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in Hong Kong XD

Here’s what Director Nagata has to say about the whole thing: 


(Note: I’m paraphrasing her post roughly. Feel free to let me know if there are any inaccuracies.)

The sequel of ItaKiss has been confirmed …

The reason we couldn’t reveal any related news about the sequel earlier was because we didn’t have the green light from the top (I think she means that even though the drama was quite popular among fans, the investors etc weren’t convinced of the drama’s profitability)

Even though we had so much support from all of you (T-T)

Producer Moriya Takeshi, scriptwriter Miura Uiko and I spent a lot of time and effort going through the manga to see how we could adapt and keep the story fresh for a 2013 audience. The drama you’ve watched is a result of this labour of love.

However for those who look at things from a monetary perspective, the love we have for this project is inconsequential. But producing dramas is a business and this is something that can’t be ignored.

That’s why the sequel will probably be helmed by a new production team (I get the feeling that she’s implying they might have exceeded the budget for InKLiT. Er … this doesn’t sound like good news for the sequel, considering that the budget for the first one wasn’t exactly very big to begin with.)

As for the cast, I am not sure who will be acting in the sequel but please continue to support InKLiT 2 all the same! (Yuki and Honoka have already confirmed news of the sequel, so we can assume they’re probably going to reprise their roles as well. But just to play it safe, I prefer to wait for official confirmation from whoever’s in charge of this one.)

Even though it’s too bad we won’t be able to take part in the sequel, we’re very glad to have received everyone’s support!

On another note, the three of us are currently working on a new production so I hope you’ll continue supporting us as well. Here’s hoping that I’ll be able to bring you even more exciting news soon.


As I mentioned in my farewell to ItaKiss post, I’m on the fence about this whole sequel business. On the one hand, it’ll be nice to see Honoka, Yuki and the rest of the cast again (that is, if everyone is really reprising their roles). On the other hand, the fact that Director Nagata will no longer be overseeing things makes me wary of this sequel and how Kotoko’s character is going to be developed. Dear lord, please, for the love of all that is good, do not turn her into a twit like her predecessors.

So … what do you guys think of this news?

Omake (gif from Baidu)



Cheer up, Yuki. You’ll be able to, er, bully Kotoko again soon XD


  1. Argh totally good and bad news. I’m a bit iffy about the fact that the production team won’t be reuniting. Here’s to hoping the cast will return but even then. .. sigh, guess we will have to wait and see. Thanks for the news!!

  2. Haha, let’s see if the Chinese fandom will be able to reinstate Nagata Koto as the director of this series. I think some fans have already written to Fuji or whoever’s in charge asking them to keep her on this project. For all the grouses I had about the last two episodes, on the whole, she and her team did a great job bringing this adaptation to life. Whoever takes over the directorial seat will have to love the manga just as much otherwise it’s going to be a mojor urgh-fest. *fingers crossed*

    All the fans on Baidu have already said that if they don’t bring back FuruYuki and HonoMiki, they’re not going to bother with the sequel because what’s the point, right?

  3. I share your stand too with the sequel, either it needs to be perfect (ie even better than the original’s second half) or just leave it while it’s neat.

    I just caught on the wind and her weibo (and the fandom’s shitstorm of mostly Damas in self-preservating DEEENIAL! <-ok, more my own state of mind). If the peeps behind it is trying to make some sound $$$ decision this is not looking like it and the wrath of the Damas are not to be reckoned with unless they want to be more useful as mincemeat in mapo tofu.

    WhatTHE?!?!?! I would staunchly profess PD Koto-sama is the soul of InKLiT). It truly takes a fangirl pouring so much love and dedication to give it the magic of massive unicorn dusts we and only we possess when not everything is perfect and running smoothly. Honoka seems to be firmly on (or hinting on it), I just read a repost of her journal. I still spazz a few seconds when I see each of the new gifs from the DVD bts…not much of a RL shipper, but can totally see their lovely rapport off screen translating to such a lovely Kotoko x Naoki!

    1. I’m just hoping they’ll bring director Nagata back at the very least because it’s obviously not going to be the same without her. Also, given the direction the story will be taking, I’d feel more assured if she was around to guide Honoka, who I think is a little young (and I don’t just mean age-wise) to be playing a married 20-something, through the story.

      Re: RL shipping. I’m not too bothered by the age gap but from what I’ve seen, I think what they have is more of a big brother, little sister dynamic. Honoka is just very outgoing by nature and Yuki is really a big kid at heart once he warms up to the people around him XD It’s so cute watching them goof around behind the scenes. I think people were slightly sceptical when Yuki said he and Honoka got on well because there were so few pics of them together when the drama was running but as the BTS segments in the DVDs have shown, they really did have a very good working relationship!

  4. It’s mixed news. I’m not too worried about our couple getting attached to season two (you can’t bring back a rom-com with half the main couple, that’s just wrong on so many levels), but Director Nagata had the best episodes, I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t keep her on board for the sequel. Also, why lower the budget? You’d think if a show did well enough to warrant a sequel, it would get a bigger one or at least one the same size. Hmm, now I’m not so sure if I want this to happen.

    1. Nagata’s post was quite vague and I’m sure apart from money issues, there’s a lot of politics going on behind closed doors as well. On another note, I’m also curious to know if Kaoru Tada’s husband will continue to be involved in this sequel because it was also due to the fact that we could see Naoki falling for Kotoko that made the drama so much more enjoyable than the other versions.

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