The Midnight Express Christmas Giveaway *updated*

So ’tis that time of the year to be jolly and stuff, and in keeping with the spirit of the season, I’m giving away the following photo books:

Kim Nam Gil Japan    gekkan men_matsuda shota

For two lucky winners, to perv at and to hold:

On the left we have the Japanese edition of Kim Nam-gil’s pictorial opus, Into the Wild (complete with DVD) and over on the right, we have Matsuda Shota channelling his inner Marquis de Sade in the Oct 2012 edition of Gekkan Men. Both are brand new.

To participate, let me know what your favourite crack drama is and what you’d like to see more of on this blog in the comments section below. And of course, don’t forget to tell me which book you want. Please remember to include your email address as well so I can contact you if you’re the winner!

Closing date: Sunday, December 1, 6pm PST

*** Thank you pinkpodster, epikredbean and Nutella for writing in! I wish I had three Matsuda Shota photo books to give away but alas, I have only one T.T

That said, congratulations, Nutella! May your days be filled with lots of pretty Matsuda goodness :DDD Please check your email. ***   


  1. A Gentleman’s Dignity and Secret Garden (in that order now) seem to be my favorite K-drama crack. I say those two because I’ve rewatched them several times and sometimes I’ll randomly decide to watch just an episode or a favorite scene.

    You cover a wide variety of dramas from different Asian countries on this blog so I don’t know what you could expand on.

    If I win, I like Gekkan Men. I’m currently watching Clinic on the Sea with Matsuda Shota and I cannot image cute and goofy Dr. Kota as a Marquis de Sade-type guy. He must truly be an awesome actor.

  2. woohoo! thank you!

    crack drama of all time: SPEC ~ First Blood! crazy stuff going down with potstickers?! count me in!

    current crack drama: Hard Nuts! eccentric happenings with heart!

    please, the matsuda shota book! :D

  3. Crack dramas? None from the current few seasons (although Empress Ki is blipping on my radar), although last year was… yeah.. last year *sigh* But yeah, all time crack dramas should be: Liar Game, Nodame Cantabile, MARS, In Time With You, All versions of Mischevious Kiss (yes, even the k-drama.. hey, it’s part of the legacy and I feel plain bad leaving it out), Black and White, Queen In Hyun’s Man… I could start going on and on, but then we’d be recreating part of my drama history~

    Hmm, Imma queue for the Matsuda Shota book pwease~ (Liar Game and Love Shuffle loyalty dictates it)..

    What I want to see more on here… hmm… more of your snarky-exteriored-marshmallow-interiored self on here please~ Especially snarky reviews~

    Also, while I’m at it, may I also recommend Pursuit Of Happiness? It’s a currently airing tw-drama which is helmed by the same directing team as In Time With You (although the director isn’t the same… it’s the ITWY director’s protege, although from the BTS it might as well be Winnie anyway), and it’s sort of like.. what would happen if you were a Li Da Ren and you never got your happy ending? I’m so sorry I’m so shit at introductions, but I’ve watched 4 of the 6 episodes that have currently aired and it’s the only thing I’m even paying attention to besides Empress Ki and Nekozamurai so yeah, lookie~

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