Nodame, meet Trash…


Najung-ah, Chiaki feels your pain.



Girl, let me know where to send the lye and disinfectant if you guys do end up getting married :p


  1. haha and Trash had that little grin that I am not sure if sorry going on that is so damn cute.
    Only he can come up with using dried octopus as….air freshener/smelling ‘good’ dryer sheet

    But I still love the visual of him diving into that pile of yuck writhing in it with his giggles while changing out of the stinky then rolling himself nikkid over to the not as stinky side of the pile.

    1. Watashi no Kirai na Tantei:

      Pros: 1) Tamaki Hiroshi, though in recent years my ardour for him has cooled considerably. Hahahaha. But I am curious about the Gouriki (I have never seen her in anything so I will reserve my judgement for now) x Tamaki pairing — might actually be fun to watch since this is a Fukuda Yuichi drama, which brings me to 2) This is a Fukuda Yuichi drama so there should be a few laughs at the very least. Then again, this depends on whether his brand of humour is your cup of tea.

      Cons: It’s a detective series, which isn’t my favourite J-drama genre because of the way the Japanese tend to set up their cases. (You might feel differently about this though). Heck, I gave up on Galileo after two episodes. I might give it a go if WKT turns out to be more of a spoof than an actual detective procedural.

      Shitsuren Chocolatier: This one lost me the moment I found out the scriptwriter was also responsible for Rich Man, Poor Woman. If you recall, I got an ulcer from watching that drama. After reading its synopsis, I am sure I will need to get a lobotomy before I willingly touch it with a 1,000ft pole.

      Tbh, I’m not really all that interested in this season’s J-dramas. I’ve got a bunch of K-dramas (including You Who Came from the Stars and Nine) queued in my watch list though. Also, I have never loved the I Need Romance franchise but I gotta say the Kim So-yeon x Sung Joon pairing is looking very enticing :D

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