What I would like to see in 2014

sj sj2

wb wb_sj

wb2 sj3

[via fuckyeahtheheirs]

Dear tvN, KBS, MBC and SBS

Here’s an idea for a guaranteed ratings hit.

One of you, I don’t care who, just make it happen now.

I know I’m not the only one who would live-watch the shit out of this drama.



  1. @everyone: Whoo hoo! I guess all that’s left to do is to send tvN a tweet with a link to this gif-set. XDDDDD

    Note to self: Please get around to watching White Christmas sometime this millennium.

  2. What can I say Kim Woo Bin is absolutely HOT in those gifs! Make it happen drama gods! Hugs Chingu! Happy Lunar New Year!

    1. I didn’t watch Heirs but from what I saw of it on Tumblr, it seemed like Kim Woo-bin had the best lines? (Or at least they were better than Lee Min-ho’s). But yes, I am definitely going to check out his next drama!

      Thanks, chingu! Dunno if it’s a public holiday over in your neck of the woods but if it is, hope you have a great long weekend :DDDD

      1. I watched White Christmas and loved it. but it was when i watched Heirs that I totally got Kim Woo Bin’s appeal. yup now I’m a fan of sorts.

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