Random Video of the Week: PSY vs Yoo Jae-suk

I have no idea who PSY is (I’m not the most K-pop forward person in the world, as you might have guessed) but this teaser for his comeback album looks like so much fun.

Also, MC Yoo ♥

I might just have to start watching Running Man again. And after reading this post about PSY, I’m even more curious about his new album. Looks like there’s going to be more research on the horizon.

ETA: The full MV was released a few days ago. This is one of the best things I’ve seen all year.

Ouran Manga Extras: Divining Ootori Kyouya’s Future

I know I’ve been horribly remiss about updating this blog but this is what happens when you’re going through a drama slump -.-;;;;;;

Anyway, I’m sure anyone who’s been reading this blog long enough knows my fondness for a certain Host Club member. The Viz edition of Volume 18 hasn’t been released yet but I’m sure most fans have read Omari’s Sister’s translation of the final installment online.

My understanding of Hatori’s notes is a little different from Omari’s Sister’s so I’ve decided to include my (flawed) translation here to supplement theirs. There can never be too much written about Kyouya in my opinion :D  (more…)

Brain, meet Gutter

Daito-kun, I can think of a few ways we can put that tie to good use...

Daito’s latest pictorial opus doesn’t score any marks for subtlety — and thank god for that. You know when Britney Spears sang ‘I’m not a girl, not yet a woman’? Well, you could say that this is Atlantis’s way of announcing that their latest signing is no longer a boy but a smoking hot and VIRILE young man. Daito’s always had a very masculine image and while his earlier photo books presented him as a fresh-faced man-child, this one is all about flaunting his sex appeal.

And to that I can only say AMEN.

This way to the SMEX. Please have some tissues on hand. (more…)

Message of the Day: Just Say ‘No’

“Hey America, I have a cute idea. At least sort out your health care system, hand gun violence, unemployment, public education, gay marriage, marijuana legislation and middle east conflict before you fuck around with the internet because let’s face it, there are bigger issues in the world than someone uploading a photo with a musician in it.” [via Jalousie]


And in other news, just in case you haven’t heard, the Feds have shut down Megaupload.

[via I’m Banana]

Interlude: Dramas on My Brain

What will you be watching next season?

Trust me to get distracted while I’m trying to finish my roundup before everyone starts counting down to the New Year. It’s T-minus 2 hours now. (Write faster, Ellély -.-;)

Anyway, let’s all have a bit of fun while I bang out Part 2 of my roundup. And if it doesn’t make it up before 11:59pm today, happy new year everyone!

I am looking forward to:

My choices, which may or may not come as a surprise to anyone:  (more…)

Way Past Obsessed…

You know you’re way past obsessed when you’re in Wellington for the Rugby World Cup and all you want to know, when people ask if you have any sightseeing plans, is whether the local Borders carries copies of the Ouran manga.

This is terrible. What is my life. *hangs head in shame*

~ Ellély, who is currently experiencing massive Kyouya withdrawal symptoms. Regular transmission on this blog will resume when she returns. In the meantime, allez les bleus!

Crack of the Day: Ouran Fan Vid

So much for canon. I need to start learning how to make videos.

Also, I wonder if Chiba-san made good on his promise to charge people for touching him. I don’t know what kind of a father-daughter team these two are supposed to be but I guess it would go a long way towards explaining Tamaki’s fantasies…XD

[via salagifs]