Movie Preview: Wara no Tate


Title: Wara no Tate (Straw Shield) | Official site

Starring: Osawa Takao, Matsushima Nanako and Fujiwara Tatsuya

Director: Miike Takashi

First things first: How many of you looked at the poster above and thought: ‘That’s Nanako Matsushima? Who thought letting her wear a mop as a wig was a good idea?’  (more…)

Crack Video of the Week: Hentai Kamen movie trailer

This is so many kinds of stupid I don’t even know where to begin. Definitely going to watch it come April XD

Random thoughts and observations:

  • If Suzuki Ryohei’s buns and Yamapi’s moobs were to have a showdown, which one would win? 
  • I’d like to know how Suzuki is going to explain this movie to his daughter when she’s old enough to talk. My guess is this: “Well, daddy lost a drinking bet with Oguri-san…”
  • I want to know what Japan puts in its water. I think I need some of it as well.

5 dramas/movies I would never consider watching if not for Tumblr

5. Buzzer Beat

| “Naoki, isn’t your chest bigger than a woman’s?

[via Elena-chan]

I’m not sure which is more hypnotic: a) his body or b) watching him feel himself up ad infinitum.

And thanks to E.G’s hilarious review of Ashita no Joe, I can no longer look at Yamapi without taking in his, um, entire package…XD Damn, is it just the camera angle or is Pi-chan happy to be in a locker room full of hot, sweaty guys?


Song Joong-ki, you naughty, naughty boy…

Not going to lie. Despite my affection for SJK, I had zero intention of watching Penny-Pinching Romance because the description of Han Ye-seul’s character brought on a major case of eye rollage:

Hong-Sil (Han Ye-Seul) is a bit of an oddity. She doesn’t have any friends and lives her life extremely frugally to save money. (Why can’t she just get a real job?) She’ll rummage through abandoned homes, looking for items to resell for a profit. (She’d probably earn more money selling Bae Yong-jun’s garbage to his obasan fans in Japan.) She also collects glass bottles for recycling and takes a handful of sugar packs from coffee shops whenever she buys coffee. Hong-Sil also lives in the same low income area as Ji-Woong and her rooftop apartment is directly adjacent to Ji-Woong’s. (via AsianCinematic)

Han Ye-seul as a North Korean spy or a bitchy heiress, I can believe. I will even allow a stretch of the imagination and picture her as a rocket scientist. But HYS as a bag lady who doesn’t have any game or experience with men when she looks like this?

I will accept it if you tell me that all the men in the movie are blind. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Korea, why are the women in your dramas and movies working a dead-end job 98% of the time? It’s like there are only two occupations for women: maid/dogsbody/plucky heroine or heiress/princess/bitch.

And then I came across the movie recap over at Kaede Jun’s site and discovered this tasty little titbit: SJK plays a horndog who masturbates and watches porn a lot. So basically a 21st century version of Gu Yong-ha, then?

This I had to see for myself, especially since this is the image that comes to mind whenever I think of him:

Photo: Petr Kratochvil

Joong-ki baby, I think you should put that salami away. It’s scaring all the kids in the audience XDDDDD  (more…)

Video of the Day: Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Movie Trailer

Rurouni Kenshin is one of my favourite mangas of all time and I was pretty stoked when I heard a movie was going to be made…that is until I saw what happened with Peacemaker Kurogane, a low-budget manga adaptation that felt like it had hired a bunch of cosplayers to act out scenes from the source material. That made me dial my expectations several notches down. After watching the trailer though, my interest has started creeping back up. I’m still going to go into this with very low expectations but suffice it to say that the trailer is pretty damn cool.

Here’s another one:

Looking at the characters who will be appearing in the movie, I’m guessing it won’t be covering the Kyoto arc. So does this mean that if it does well enough at the box office, there’ll be a sequel? I’d really like to see Hiko torment his baka deshi XD

Actresses I ♥: Rie Miyazawa

Young trendy idols aren’t my thing and I’m not a fan of the coquettish virginal image that so many emerging actresses in the Asian drama industry feel compelled to adopt/affect. Oh I know it’s mostly due to market forces and socio-cultural expectations. Looking “cute and innocent” is still prized above the actual ability to act by most media executives and sad to say, viewers as well.

It’s ironic then that kicking off this series category is an actress who began her career in the late 80s as one of Japan’s original bishoujos. Thrust into the limelight when she was 11, Rie Miyazawa is proof that it is possible to take charge of the car wreck that your life has become and re-invent yourself as a respected actress.  (more…)

I Can’t Believe I Bought This DVD: Heart is…2 (2010)

Image via Han Cinema

I really shouldn’t be allowed near a video shop for the next six months. I knew I had an unhealthy fixation with a certain baby-faced actor but I didn’t think I’d actually end up buying, of all things, Heart is…2. I don’t know how it happened. One minute I was browsing DVDs, the next thing I knew I was handing over money and walking out of the shop with said movie.

I have nothing left to say about myself.

A couple of things to note:

  • If you’re watching Heart is…2 for Song Joong-ki, just know that he isn’t the main star – he appears in 30% of the movie at best. There’s a reason why Dal-i (the dog that plays Maumi) was the highest-paid performer after all.
  • Don’t be fooled by the poster. This entire movie is about a dog outsmarting two bumbling idiots. To be sure, Dal-i more than earns her paycheck and some of the scenes are quite sweet but Heart is…2 is hardly riveting stuff. I’m not saying this just because SJK plays the part of the scenery here. The plot is really the stuff that cotton candy is made of.
  • This movie is strictly for children under seven and rabid animal lovers.
  • I want my money back. If you absolutely have to watch this movie, take it from me – watch it online.

Cuts from the movie: (more…)

Totally Random Review: L’appartement (1996)

Cast: Vincent Cassel, Romane Bohringer, Monica Bellucci, Jean-Phillipe Ecoffey

Director: Giles Mimouni

Some movies stay with you long after the credits have stopped rolling, making you wonder what would have happened if things had turned out differently. Such is the case with L’appartement (or The Apartment). (more…)