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Once More with Feeling: Saying Goodbye to Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo

She’s a dreamer with her head in the clouds. He’s an apathetic genius living his life on autopilot. They’re the last two people you’d ever expect to fall in love with each other…


But once in a while, something unexpected happens to bring two very different individuals together and open their eyes to possibilities that they never considered before.


Their journey together is far from easy though (in part because one of them is an emotional retard). As they navigate the minefields of the heart, they experience for the first time, the highs and lows of falling in love.

And so, after years of fervent prayer and wishing upon falling stars…


after much resistance and denial…


I hope your words taste good because you are going to be eating a lot of them, Naoki

and a few awkward confessions…


And for all of us watching at home, after months of spazzing and flailing, and two weeks of wishing we could laser beam some sense into Naoki, it has finally come to this.


*sniff* Hold me? (more…)

Kamo, Kyoto e Iku Eps 1-6


In a season saturated with cop procedurals (my least favourite J-drama genre ever), Kamo, Kyoto e Iku has, much to my surprise, emerged as my shining ray of crack.

I use the word “surprise” because when I skimmed through its synopsis, I thought it was going to be Gokusen set in a ryokan, with genius lady boss winning over her hostile employees one by one with her pluck and unconventional ideas (though after Rich Man Poor Woman, I now take the Todai credentials of J-drama heroines with a huge pinch of salt.) I also wasn’t sure what to expect from Matsushita Nao as I had never seen her in anything before and couldn’t glean much from her appearance on the April 4 VS Arashi special. If anything, she was so low-key there that I wasn’t sure she’d be able to carry this drama on her own. All in all, I didn’t have high hopes for it but decided to check out the first episode anyway to satisfy my inner perv fangirl.

It’s a good thing I’m so shallow because I wouldn’t have known how wrong I was about Kamo, Kyoto e Iku otherwise. Nor would I have found out that Matsushita’s character is really a heroine after my own heart.  (more…)