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The Greatest Love: Cha Seung-won Has a Feeling of Déjà Vu

Otherwise known as…



49 Days Motivational Posters

I think it’s pretty obvious whom I’m watching this drama for. Oh Han Kang, you of the semi-transparent shower pod, I swear if you don’t get some soon, you are going to spontaneously combust from all your crazy, pent-up emotions. More Han Kang goodness after the cut! (more…)

The Five Stages of Grief: Coping with the End of Sungkyunkwan Scandal

You know there’s something special about a drama when it has you dreading the finale and hoping beyond all hope that some chain-smoking bigwig will give the go-ahead to extend it by a few more episodes. Surely there’s enough juice for at least four more? What about Yong-ha and Cho-sun’s back stories? Don’t tell me you’re going to cram everything into the last four episodes!

I can’t believe I’m going through withdrawal symptoms even before it’s over.

Oh God, what are you doing to me, Sungkyunkwan Scandal(more…)

The Hilariously Sad but True Story of the Male Angler Fish

In The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry, Da Jung is constantly fretting that she has no one to eat agwi (angler fish) with. I came across this hilarious comic by The Oatmeal via the excellent foodie site Seoul Eats and let’s just say that I’ll never look at an angler fish the same way again.

(Please click on the picture to read the comic.)

Sungkyunkwan Scandal: A Re-imagining

Darling, won't you come to bed? Micky Yoochun channels his inner gisaeng.

This is what would have happened if Sungkyunkwan Scandal had been directed by a fan girl high on crack. Warning: This is a massive exercise in stupidity. Please check your brain at the door and be sure not to hit your head on the way in! (more…)

Totally Random Post: Crack-flavoured Nostalgia

Cartoons from the 80s: So many things to answer for...

Back when I was a wee young thing, I lived for the ThundercatsJem and the HologramsHe-Man, She-Ra and Silverhawks. I’d record the cartoons and then re-watch them religiously every single day. There was nothing I wanted more than to be able to run as fast as Cheetara and have Jerrica Benton’s earrings so I could transform into a rocker chick with pink hair and be Lady Gaga’s fashion inspiration. So recently, I was feeling nostalgic and decided to revisit my favourite childhood cartoons.

All I can say is this: Did someone spike the water with crack, or what? (more…)