Choi Si-won

Love and Other (Impossible) Pursuits: The King of Dramas Eps 5-12


*SIGH* I am so conflicted about the romance in this drama. On the one hand, the final minutes of episode 11 had my squee going into overdrive. Good lord, did Kim Myung-min ever radiate this much sex appeal in his previous dramas? I can’t believe I’m actually contemplating revisiting Beethoven Virus to find out. Maybe I should just watch White Tower instead.

But back to The King of Dramas. So yes, there’s my ahjusshi perv hoping that Anthony will continue educating Writer Lee on the finer points of creating a credible melo romance.  (more…)


The King of Dramas Eps 1-4

Today, I felt something I haven’t felt in a very long time.

I don’t want to jinx things by using the ‘L’ word so what I’ll tell you is that instead of working on an assignment, I marathoned four episodes of this drama. Oui, je suis screwed. Helloooo, Red Bull.

I’ve seen people compare this drama to Worlds Within. I’ve never watched the latter so I can’t comment on the similarities and differences between them but bizarrely enough, the drama that I think of when I watch this is Rich Man, Poor Woman. Or rather, I think of what the second half of RMPW could have been had it not turned into a sappy puddle of goo. (Mild spoilers ahead)


First Impressions: Athena – Goddess of War

I was in two minds about watching this one and decided to give it a shot because Kim Min-jung and Choi Si-won were so adorable on Running Man’s Christmas special. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m extremely impressionable.

First things first. I didn’t watch IRIS so I know nothing about that show. I am also not familiar with the cast in this one, except for Lee Jia (though this doesn’t win the show any brownie points because I wasn’t crazy about her performance in Beethoven’s Virus). So to get straight to the point, I am coming into this with zero expectations. I’m not expecting an Oscar-worthy performance from anyone or a story from Martin Scorcese. All I want is to be entertained.

Does Athena succeed?  (more…)