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Pretty People in Unenviable Situations: Running Man Ep. 66

Ah, I haven’t laughed this much in a while.

So I haven’t exactly been keeping up with Running Man but ep 66 reminded me why I loved it so much back when I was watching it religiously. I’m not going to recap the whole thing because that’s been done over at Dramabeans but for the benefit of those who have never watched the show, here are a few caps from the opening. If you like what you see, be sure to visit iSUBS for the complete episode. (more…)

Running Man Ratings Decline: Some Thoughts

Credit: Papitus & SBS

Lately, the Running Man forum on Soompi has been in a tizzy with many attributing the show’s ratings slump to its new format and I thought I’d give you my two cents here. While I agree that the show has lost some of its spark of late, I don’t think that the new format is entirely to blame. For a start, Running Man has never been a huge ratings hit – a cult favourite, maybe, but I don’t think it’s ever going to go beyond that. (more…)

Crime Squad Preview + Running Man Ep. 32

love, lurve, luuurrvvveee Park Sun-young’s red trenchcoat

I wanted to publish this earlier but WordPress was having issues and I was up to my nose in work. Anyway, out of all the K-dramas being released this month, the ones I’m interested in most are Crime Squad and 49 Days. Between them, my preference veers towards the former because a) I like the behind the scenes vibe that I’m getting from the cast and b) I like what the women are wearing. (Call me shallow, whatever.)  (more…)

Crack of the Week: Running Man Ep. 26, but first…

I wasn’t too excited when I read about the new Kim Joon drama Serious Crime Squad on Dramabeans. Don’t know most of the actors and I’m not really a fan of cop procedurals. So I was going to give it a miss until I saw this:

[Image via nate]

OMG, Song Ji-hyo is going to be in it? She’s been absent from the drama scene for the past four years, working mainly on entertainment programmes and most recently Running Man. (more…)

Running Man is ♥

Okay, it’s official. I am on such a Running Man high right now that if the regular members were cast in a sitcom together I’d be on it in a minute. Actually, with the kind of chemistry they have, I think it would be really interesting to see them in a comedy sketch show together. (more…)