Kawaguchi Haruna

Share House no Koibito Eps 1 & 2


The story so far: Mizukawa Asami plays Tsuyama Shio, a 30-year-old singleton way too obliging for her own good. Because her boss knows she won’t kick up a fuss, he has her transferred to an ailing branch office that no one with any career preservation instincts would dream of walking within a 10-mile radius.

Owing to her personality, Shio is forever alone — but not for much longer! Deciding to take charge of her life, she moves from her small lonely apartment into a shared tree house with Kawaki Tappei, an alien (yes, you read that right and no, she doesn’t know Oizumi Yo is from outer space) and a brooding ex-salaryman (Tanihara Shosuke) who may or may not have feelings for said extra-terrestrial. So cue lots of hilarity and hijinks, right?


GTO 2012 Eps 1-3

He’s got the hair and he’s got the bike. But does AKIRA have what it takes to be Onizuka?

As you can see, morbid curiosity got the better of me after all.

I always knew that the remake wouldn’t be able to override the affection I have for the 1998 version but I have a soft spot for high school dramas and their promise of endless student hijinks, so I was hoping that it would be as entertaining as Gokusen (the first one) or Tumbling at least.

My first thought while watching this remake was: Did the brief to the production team specifically request them to suck all the life out of GTO or what? (more…)

Crack of the Day: Ouran Fan Vid

So much for canon. I need to start learning how to make videos.

Also, I wonder if Chiba-san made good on his promise to charge people for touching him. I don’t know what kind of a father-daughter team these two are supposed to be but I guess it would go a long way towards explaining Tamaki’s fantasies…XD

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The Not-So-Great Ouran Poll

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I need someone to stage an intervention. Not only am I watching the drama, I am also reading the manga and tearing through the anime like toilet paper. At the rate things are going, if you look up the word “extinct” in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of my life next to it.

I have so many feelings for so many characters that it’s not even funny. Spazz with me. Take the poll. (Mild spoilers for eps 1-7)  (more…)