Koto Nagata

And we have a sequel … sort of

So some of you may already have heard the news but for the benefit of those who haven’t, it looks like Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo will be getting a sequel after all.

However before you hit the “spazz” button, there are two important details that everyone should take note of:

  1. The sequel will be helmed by a different production team (yes, that’s right. Director Nagata Koto, producer Moriya Takeshi and scriptwriter Miura Uiko will not have anything to do with it. Q___Q)
  2. The cast, according to Nagata, has not been confirmed yet. (I can just about imagine the shit storm that’s going to go down on Weibo and Baidu if they change the leads. I don’t think they’ll be so dumb as to swap out FuruYuki, unless they want to alienate his one million+ fans. But it’s really Honoka who I want to see again.)

Promoting Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in Hong Kong XD

Here’s what Director Nagata has to say about the whole thing:  (more…)