Kuninaka Ryoko

Hungry! Eps 1-4

Four episodes in and I still have no idea what Tokyohive meant when it reported that Mukai Osamu would be playing a sadistic French chef. I’m assuming this is one of those “lost in translation” moments where the Japanese marketing department and translator had their wires crossed. Either that or someone decided to kill the idea and have the drama revolve around Mukai looking cute.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the latter turned out to be true.  (more…)

Recap: Tumbling Episode 1

I can’t remember the last time I marathoned a drama in one, okay, two sittings but that was what I did with Tumbling last week. You can always leave it to the Japanese to make a drama out of an obscure sport, in this case men’s rhythmic gymnastics, and make it seem like the answer to all of Life’s big questions. Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Try rhythmic gymnastics!

So what is this drama about? In a nutshell, you could roughly describe it as:

There are plenty of ikemen, it’s a feel-good story about underdogs, what more can you ask for? (more…)