Music Video of the Week: Telephone cover by Team Kozan

It’s not uncommon to find western classical musicians covering pop songs but this is the first time I’ve come across a cover that makes use of traditional Japanese instruments (specifically a  bamboo flute and zither known as a shakuhachi and koto respectively). I wouldn’t have thought this would work with a Lady Gaga song and I’m surprised how well the musicians behind Team Kozan pull it off.

What makes this cover even more special is their reason for doing it:

“We Japanese got a lot of help from GAGA 2 years ago for “Japan earthquake”. We never forget gratitude to GAGA. and We wish GAGA complete recovery,and we are waiting for comeback of GAGA.”

(Insert: “Awww…”)

I’ve never heard of Team Kozan before but from what I gather browsing their website, the founder Ishikura Kozan is a shakuhachin expert and also offers lessons to those interested in picking up the instrument. Details and more videos can be found on their website: