Nakajima Yuto

Vengeance is mine, and Imma make those bastards pay: Hanzawa Naoki Eps 1-8



If you’ve been following the J-ent scene recently, you might have heard of Hanzawa Naoki, this summer’s most talked-about drama (in Japan, at least. The international blogosphere is another matter altogether.) Ratings are at an all-time high, with the last two episodes (i.e. eps 7 and 8) recording numbers in the 30th percentile. Not since the golden days of the KimuTaku era has a J-drama performed this well (even last year’s surprise hit, Kaseifu no Mita, didn’t surpass the 30 percent mark till the last episode.) So widespread is its popularity in the country that even the Wall Street Journal has written about it. When was the last time they wrote about a KimuTaku drama?

Naturally, I had to find out what all the fuss was about, especially given that this is a drama about fraud and corruption, not exactly topics to set most pulses racing. (more…)


Share House no Koibito Eps 1 & 2


The story so far: Mizukawa Asami plays Tsuyama Shio, a 30-year-old singleton way too obliging for her own good. Because her boss knows she won’t kick up a fuss, he has her transferred to an ailing branch office that no one with any career preservation instincts would dream of walking within a 10-mile radius.

Owing to her personality, Shio is forever alone — but not for much longer! Deciding to take charge of her life, she moves from her small lonely apartment into a shared tree house with Kawaki Tappei, an alien (yes, you read that right and no, she doesn’t know Oizumi Yo is from outer space) and a brooding ex-salaryman (Tanihara Shosuke) who may or may not have feelings for said extra-terrestrial. So cue lots of hilarity and hijinks, right?