Suzuki Ryohei

Why is So Ji-sub selling bras?

Okay, this might be old news for some of you but in my defence, I have been living in a hole under a huge rock, so this is the first time I am seeing this ad:


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At first, I thought it was the Korean version of the man-bra that the Japanese had come up with a few years ago (no really, you can buy it on Rakuten) but upon, um, closer inspection, Vivien appears to be a lingerie brand targeted solely at women. Parent company Namyeung has a separate line for men called Gentoff but from what I can see, its range of underwear seems to be limited to briefs. (On a separate note, why are they hiring Caucasian models when there are so many Korean actors who can fill those pants more than adequately? I have a list of guys I would like to see model those briefs, starting with a certain baseball pitcher, but I digress.)

Perhaps Japanese lingerie label Peach John should take a leaf out of Namyeung’s book and hire a few of J-ent’s finest to endorse their wares instead of relying on the same AKB48 faces all the time. Of course, this being Japan, the male celebrity would probably have to model the bras to, you know, demonstrate their cleavage-enhancing properties. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind. Here are my top three candidates for the job: (potentially NSFW unless you live in France or a Scandinavian country)  (more…)

Crack Video of the Week: Hentai Kamen movie trailer

This is so many kinds of stupid I don’t even know where to begin. Definitely going to watch it come April XD

Random thoughts and observations:

  • If Suzuki Ryohei’s buns and Yamapi’s moobs were to have a showdown, which one would win? 
  • I’d like to know how Suzuki is going to explain this movie to his daughter when she’s old enough to talk. My guess is this: “Well, daddy lost a drinking bet with Oguri-san…”
  • I want to know what Japan puts in its water. I think I need some of it as well.