Takahata Mitsuki

Gochisousan Eps 1-6


Note: Do not watch Gochisousan on an empty stomach or if you’re on a diet, unless you enjoy torturing yourself. I watched this late at night after I had already eaten and now, six episodes later, I have “omu rice” tattooed on my brain. Where the hell am I going to find Japanese omelette rice at 3 bloody a.m. in the morning? *stomach groooooooooowls*  (more…)

Love, Looove, Loooooove: Smart Motery Man

I am about to collapse from jet lag and exhaustion after spending the whole day navigating Tokyo’s metro but before I do that, I want to post this first.

So today I watched Daito’s stage play, Smart Motery Man, and if it were possible, I’d buy another ticket and watch it again — yes, it is that fabulous. (I thought I was being early by buying my ticket more than a month in advance. Obviously, that wasn’t enough. All the seats on the ground floor were already gone by the time I started looking for tickets.)

Hand on heart, I could not recognise Daito at all when I first saw him on stage. The way he looked, moved and sounded was so different that for about 15 minutes, I was wondering when he was going to show up…until it dawned on me that the guy with the weird perm and funny accent was actually him.


Initially, I thought his character was going to be your average salaryman with zero game — that was the impression I got from all the promo materials — but him playing a loser yankii is obviously 10,000 times better. Oh god, and wait till you hear him rap. That definitely woke me up from my jet lag…XDD  (more…)