Wakaba Ryuya

High School Kagekidan ~ Otokogumi (2012)

Okay, let’s be honest here. High School Kagekidan ~ Otokogumi (HSKO) isn’t going to win any prizes for ambitious story-telling. The writer behind this is Egashira Michiru i.e. the same person behind Gokusen and Tumbling, so if you’ve watched either one of those dramas, you’ll recognise a lot of the tropes in this one.

That said, to the embarrassment of my inner critic/snob, I enjoyed this SP a lot (if you must know, I actually dialed my expectations down a few more notches after watching the trailer.) I know some of you are probably rolling your eyes and muttering something about my lack of taste. Judge me if you must: I am weak to bromantic shenanigans and the three leads in this SP are adorable. Also, I would rather watch the most jejune of seishun dramas than the saccharine letdown that was RMPW any day of the week. *spoilers ahead* (more…)