Yasuda Ken

Minna! ESPer Dayo! Eps 1-4


Yoshio has a prickly problem to deal with.

I was hoping I could recommend this drama as an edgy, sexually frank high school comedy about a bunch of misfits with super powers. Unfortunately, I can’t do that as I have no idea where Minna! ESPer Dayo! is going even after four episodes. Is it supposed to be A) an absurdist anti-hero fantasy? B) a brutally honest account of how men are pigs in general? Or C) An excuse for Sion Sono (Love ExposureCold FishHimitsu) to see how far he can go before someone writes in to TV Tokyo to complain? (Well, since this is a midnight drama, the barrel is probably bottomless.)

Given what I’ve seen so far, I’m torn between (B) and (C).

Where you sit in class is important. You’ve got your cute transfer student, horny losers, yankiis, jocks…  (more…)

Crack Video of the Week: Hentai Kamen movie trailer

This is so many kinds of stupid I don’t even know where to begin. Definitely going to watch it come April XD

Random thoughts and observations:

  • If Suzuki Ryohei’s buns and Yamapi’s moobs were to have a showdown, which one would win? 
  • I’d like to know how Suzuki is going to explain this movie to his daughter when she’s old enough to talk. My guess is this: “Well, daddy lost a drinking bet with Oguri-san…”
  • I want to know what Japan puts in its water. I think I need some of it as well.

Love, Looove, Loooooove: Smart Motery Man

I am about to collapse from jet lag and exhaustion after spending the whole day navigating Tokyo’s metro but before I do that, I want to post this first.

So today I watched Daito’s stage play, Smart Motery Man, and if it were possible, I’d buy another ticket and watch it again — yes, it is that fabulous. (I thought I was being early by buying my ticket more than a month in advance. Obviously, that wasn’t enough. All the seats on the ground floor were already gone by the time I started looking for tickets.)

Hand on heart, I could not recognise Daito at all when I first saw him on stage. The way he looked, moved and sounded was so different that for about 15 minutes, I was wondering when he was going to show up…until it dawned on me that the guy with the weird perm and funny accent was actually him.


Initially, I thought his character was going to be your average salaryman with zero game — that was the impression I got from all the promo materials — but him playing a loser yankii is obviously 10,000 times better. Oh god, and wait till you hear him rap. That definitely woke me up from my jet lag…XDD  (more…)